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Wonderful :D Are you going to reupholster the other chair as well? Will it match one of the others? I love the purple coloured print, I have some in my quilting projects bin. One would think the pattern would be too large for miniature use, but it looks nice on the chair. There are coordinating fabrics in that line, though the print on those may not work in a small scale - you should check them out. You've got a good eye and great taste. And, as always, your execution is flawless.
I love that dresser too! She built it - I remember seeing a post about it - she's awesome. Here is the post-
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2012 on boy's room done at iseecerulean
Nice work! Loooove the poster! Can we get a better picure of the bookcase? What is that behind the dinosaur?
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2012 on boy's room done at iseecerulean
It's a good thing there are no little people, they'd be awfully disappointed with wooden interiors instead of pages.
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2011 on embracing the tedium at iseecerulean
What a fantastic picture, the colour is beautiful!
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2011 on autumn in nothern Michigan at iseecerulean
I see you updated your countdown. You need the extra day tomorrow? I hope you solve your roof problem in time. Good luck!
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on cross your fingers for me at iseecerulean
It's just the colour that looks odd to me - too Christmas like.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Spring Fling roofline problem at iseecerulean
That is fascinating, Susan. A friend of mine knows of an old dusty creepy wax museum downtown that's so awfully bad that only people like us appreciate it. I've got her checking to see if it's still open.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2011 on another trip at iseecerulean
A three legged table - I hadn't thought of that.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on walled in at iseecerulean
I wonder if it doesn't need to be a tad deeper and have visible front feet...
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2010 on dresser at iseecerulean
Ewwww - I can picture it in my mind - he's complete with stretch marks, spider veins, black socks with sandals, and a day's growth of beard - the golf cart needs to be washed - and the dog is panting heavily and drooling. Quick, someone describe Daniel Radcliffe naked!
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on don't look, Susan... at iseecerulean
Compare and save
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on babbling at iseecerulean
A tower to climb is a great idea - placed in front of a window, so that he can watch the squirrels and birds play outside. A bored cat is easier than a bored dog - bored dogs chew on things and go to the bathroom in the house for attention.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on babbling at iseecerulean
I vote for walling it off.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on mock-ups at iseecerulean
Thought for the day ; The only thing that qualifies KFC as "fast food" is the architecture and the ambiance.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2010 on shadow play at iseecerulean
Can I bribe you with my husband's lasagna to come spend three days on a housecleaning jag at my house?
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2010 on worktable at iseecerulean
Snow. Brrrr. Keli doesn't watch horror movies, she wouldn't sleep for a week if she watched The Ring. Knowing her attention to detail I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she put the lights low in the attic with the express intent of throwing creepy shadows.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on playing around at iseecerulean
Those labels are nice, I like her work. The Helena doll is impressive, but the buttons eyes are odd on some of her other dolls. I like the pearls you used on your ghost better. I read your sentence "Almost done with Halloween here - everything is put up, but I want to do a few more things" and thought 'why is she putting up her Halloween decorations now? Halloween is over'. Then I understood what you meant.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2010 on the dining room table is fixed at iseecerulean
Susan - in yesterday's blog pictures, the biggest picture of the tomb shows it with the light on inside, and it looks like the picture after that does too. I bet it looks wicked cool in a dark room.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2010 on I do believe I'm done at iseecerulean
Very interesting lesson in how they cut fabric, Casey. I had always assumed the different sizes were cut separately and all of each size where the same size. I'm definitely going to check that out the next time I go shopping. I had realized, through observation, that manufacturers size differently, but I had assumed there was at least some sort of standard range for each size.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2010 on craziness at iseecerulean
You know Keli, she always goes overboard. Don't feel guilty about it, you know she's happy puttering away on this. I got preview pictures too, so can assure you that the slippery glow is really not as icky as it sounds, it's more of a gooey, sticky shininess.
da duh da duh DUH boom boom boom boom da duh da duh DUH
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2010 on oh no.... at iseecerulean
“Yea” is a very old-fashioned formal way of saying “yes,” used mainly in voting. It’s the opposite of—and rhymes with—“nay.” When you want to write the common casual version of “yes,” the correct spelling is “yeah” (sounds like “yeh” ). When the third grade teacher announced a class trip to the zoo, we all yelled “yay!” (the opposite of “boo”!).
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2010 on getting close at iseecerulean
LOL, now she's not going to tell you if the power comes on or not, she's going to hold out for chocolate.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on unwanted break at iseecerulean
Angles? Hmmm, curious.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on harrumph at iseecerulean