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Well, they're from Bezerkely, and may believe the world is their college campus. I'm trying to imagine it.... "They can't keep us from hiking! Nothing will happen! Just chillax!"
If you are over-lenient with your wife, might she not become rebellious and do something to bring dishonor on you, necessitating killing her to cleanse honor? So you see, in context, you can consider your beating her (or them) a humane policy.
Similarly, I like the term "IneligibilityGate" when dealing with people who decry so called "birthers." It makes real the issue much less duckable.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Obama Appoints Truth Czar at Atlas Shrugs
Totally excellent term, "TrollGate!" Spread it. Take control of the language. The term drives home the dynamics of the "troll czar" marvelously, an important thing. Of course, only blogospheric folks would understand the term, and get what a corrupt policy it signifies. But that's a fairly big and growing group.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Obama Appoints Truth Czar at Atlas Shrugs
The problem is, it IS barbaric. Nature knows how to assemble us, I believe, and doesn't need our editing. I'd prefer sons of mine to get that done when their 18+ if they want it. Not force on them something irreversible. But then that's a position for activists to popularize (they call themselves "intactivists" -, not to legislate as crime. Also, they're really just against involuntary circumcision, i.e. in infancy. It's fine as a free choice (later in life). In any event, this activism is a legit cause, and certainly not an expression of bigotry against Jews or anyone else.
I believe that Zero is going to lose control of the message completely. His deepest fears (which he hopes this newest czar will help keep from coming true) will manifest utterly before all is done. He is playing a "double game," a game that relies on the facts remaining hidden and fictive narratives holding sway with the public. I predict that the entire false structure will very publicly collapse all around him in the coming years.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2011 on Obama Appoints Truth Czar at Atlas Shrugs
R you a paid troll, LJ Burton? You provide no substance, just demeaning language. The HuffPo article was rather clear.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2011 on Obama Appoints Truth Czar at Atlas Shrugs
Buzz off, troll.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on Waiting for the Miracle to Come at Atlas Shrugs
Boy, was my remark ever misunderstood. Ah well, I guess it's meaning was less clear than I thought. I guess its meaning is that I ultimately find the situation of being a Jew, as the world darkens, halfway to frankly terrifying. And furthermore, when I look at Islam (and dhimmi status, etc etc), that *I recognize* this sort of hatred from experience, know how it feels to be looking down that muzzle, and how disturbingly it darkens the future. But millions of other people, whom Islam intends to subject to similar insecure status soon, have no clue what it means nor what it might be like. But unless its advance is unarrested, Islam will genuinely subject them to it. And moreover that may prove very difficult to reverse, once that point is reached. And so I say that "they will become Jews," with a large global growth of Islam in the next few generations (barring us infidels firmly rolling the jihad back, of course). And they ought to avoid this, as it is so. very. very. worth. avoiding. Period. That is my feeling. By the way, I posted a comment saying more or less this on the original linked article (likening the future of infidels of Malaysia to Jews in Islam), but it's now a day later and it hasn't passed moderation. Hmm.
With the global Islamization, everyone else is turning into "Jews," so to speak. That situation is worth avoiding. (speaking from experience)
I find that building facade so weirdly disturbing, a bit mentally discombobulating. Like architecture of the Cthulu mythos might be.
She's so sweet! I love Sarah Palin!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2010 on Gd Bless Sarah Palin at Atlas Shrugs
Is there anyone with as un-look-at-able a face as Helen Thomas? Is it just me? I find looking at her face is like torture.
Yes, and as I recall, the media studiously hid this most crucial point about it. That was unspeakable. (One cellphone-rigged incendiary backpack that had failed to detonate was actually found in some woods. The other backpacks apparently did detonate). And how do you suppose *this* forest arson will be *whitewashed* to shield jihad? And who will be next?
Buzz off, TROLL.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Dear Judge La-La Grange at Atlas Shrugs
For some reason, this sounds to me like a great issue for Congressman Lt Col Alan West to take up.