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Jimmy Pruitt
Dallas/Fort Worth
I love God, Family, Music and Ministry.
Interests: Family, Friends, Movies, Golf, Music, Playing Guitar.
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Jimmy Pruitt has shared their blog Musings from a Recovering Evangelical
Jun 26, 2013
Thank you Abigail. It has been a joy to see you go from a 'sneak in' kind of attender to someone who is passionately following Jesus and growing in grace daily! I'm proud of you and I too look forward to staying connected via technology. Blessings!
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Mar 15, 2010
LOL! So true Arielle... thanks for commenting and keep laughing it up!
Thanks Eric! Great to hear from my friend in the Great White North... well, not quite Canada, but almost!
Thanks for commenting Satira! I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment! Grace and Peace! Jimmy
LOL! Thanks Jenean. Actually our own histories are the best material for the application of Biblical Truth... add to that a mischievous and adventurous life! Have an amazing day!
Thanks Johnny and Sherry! Grace to you as you endeavor to extend that same grace to others today and everyday. Jimmy
Great post Ben. I pastor a smaller congregation that is going through a transition to a more mid-sized congregation. Our values have not changed. Our ethos (environment) has not changed. Our focus on connection has not changed. Our focus has been on church health, not church growth... and will remain there. If numerical growth continues to occur, so be it, but it's not the goal. Thanks for posting.
Thanks Holly, so good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind and gracious words today. I look forward to staying connected! Grace & Peace, Jimmy
That was a strange and wonderful season for us all and yet God uses it all to shape and mold us. Makes me more grateful for grace! Miss you guys too!
Thanks Chuck! I appreciate you work and I'm enjoying the new site (or recently acquired site)! - Jim
Hey Chuck, thanks for linking me! I'm honored. Use any of these writings and eVotionals that you think might benefit someone else. I'm looking forward to linking with the site under your management! - Jimmy
Thanks Chuck and Laura. Sobering thoughts, but critical to a proper biblical worldview. Good to hear from you both today. - Jimmy
Thanks Jenean, wonderful to hear from you. Trust is the key world. I'm with you! Grace and Peace, Jimmty
Wonderful comment Camey. Walking with Him is day by day and moment by moment. It's moving when He says, "Move." It's stopping when He says, "Stop." Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the "stinkin'" good insights. Jimmy
Benny, I too enjoyed our visit. Grace to you and Freedom Culture. I look forward to our next visit.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2008 on All In at Musings from a Recovering Evangelical
Who washed who's feet? Exactly. Thanks Steve!
Question: "Which one is right?" Answer: "Yes!" Thanks Steve for your "Long Obedience in One Direction."
Wow. Medina's 4 points remind of Andy Stanley's "Teach Less for More" principle. Thanks for sharing this info. Jim Pruitt MSCC Abilene
Excellent points. It reminds me of the 4 Elements of Thom Rainer's amazing book "Simple Church": 1) Clarity 2) Focus 3) Alignment and 4) Movement. Thanks Pastor Steve for leading the way not just with words, but by example. Jim Pruitt Abilene, TX
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2008 on What Should Leaders Do? at the reluctant leader
Thanks Bill. Great to hear from you. I appreciate the comment. I also appreciate your heart to minister in a small community. It seems with all the coverage of mega churches these days, that the rural communities have been all but forgotten. Of course, we know better. I look forward to hearing from you again. Jimmy