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Johanna Nation-Vallée
Mt. Washington Valley, NH
Vacationing in Liminal Space
Interests: Progressing, even at a glacial pace.
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Hmmm. I actually tried to post a reply yesterday, but I guess it didn't publish. Thanks again for your critique, Denise! It's funny how you can never be a good judge of your own work. That part of the story was actually very difficult for me to write, and I started over several times. I'm glad it came out convincingly "smooth," though. As for the "highbrow" comment, well, you know me. I'm basically a "lowbrow" personality with a "highbrow" education and interests, which always makes finding my place in life a challenge. as to the next installment of the story, it's going to have to be on hold for a while, as I need to work on my teaching re-cert. you know- I've only had THREE YEARS to work on it! ;-) Take Care!
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2013 on A Little Pulp Fiction, Part VIII at Scattergad
Thanks, Denise! Glad you enjoyed it. Part VIII should be out later tonight. Hope you're feeling better! Oh, BTW, I'm decanting our wine this weekend no matter what. I'm afraid if I wait any longer, it will be vinegar! Any ideas for a couple of small bottles we could split it into ('cause that's all it'll be - two small bottles...)? I'll be devastated if I find I waited too long and it's undrinkable. It was so good when I transfered it to the secondary fermenter. Oh, the SUSPENSE! ;-)
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2013 on A Little Pulp Fiction, Part VII at Scattergad
I think you're right about that, Anthony. The old class labels just don't seem to fit our 21st century culture. Thank you for complimenting my section on language, by the way, as I knew it was superfluous when I published the post, but really wanted to keep it in. I had originally intended to develop the point about dialect and language, linking it to class, etc, etc, but by the time I hit 1700 words, I knew I either needed to wrap it up or risk ending up with a post of 10000 words! As you say, better to have that discussion in person. As to our Cusack connection - hilarious! I always loved the deadpan. See you New Year's Eve - Merry Christmas to the wife and kids!
Thanks for the encouragement, Libby! I knew there must be sort of genetic component to all this and that it most likely came from your side of the family :) I actually thought you might ding me for falling asleep in physics class, saying something like, "You are NOT my sister!" ;) Hugs back! Johanna
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2012 on Ex Aequilibrium at Scattergad
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