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Who did TIP "snitch" on? If I recall correctly he was snitched on and setup by his security guard. There was no one else to tell on. TIp was trying to buy the guns from the FEDS and got arrested. He used his rep and connects with good standing in the community to go before the courts and vouch for him to get a reduced sentence. Whats wrong with that?......Now what else may have popped off is he knew who killed his homeboy and used that info to get a deal. Again what's wrong with that? A nicca kill yo Homey, u get popped wit guns facing 10-20 and all you have to do is say who did it and do a year! Tht's like finding a lottery ticket. who wouldn't do that?? yall sum dumb azzez liars if you expect me to believe u wouldn't. Snitching is telling on sumbody u did dirt WITH to get urself off. PERIOD!!! That doesn't apply in TIP's case.
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Jun 16, 2010
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Jun 16, 2010