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Shouldn't issues from the May-June camp have already been dealt with by now? I mean, Jozy has played games since then. Sounds like a smokescreen.
Great leaders know how to balance idealism with pragmatism.
No, he needs the best players to get the job done. Not the likes of Alan Gordon.
These games matter. This is not the time for discipline.
I am with you 100%. This is not the time to get into a pissing match.
Yup. My family is Bangladeshi, so I know some South Asian families in Queens. Cricket is their main sport anyway, and for the soccer fans, good luck getting them to watch anything besides Manchester United.
Good luck getting them to come out to MLS games. It's not as if the immigrants from soccer loving North Jersey are turning out to RBA in droves.
90k for sitting Kaka's brother on the bench is a bargain?
This organization is completely inept.
Metro boys ain't nothin to f*** with
ohmygodaaarrrrrrgggghhhhoooowwwwwww Yeah, don't watch this if you're squeamish. That's basically a human arm connected to the body only by the skin.
Don't understand this comment at all. Jozy already has done this for an actual full season - last season. And Andrew Bynum has already improved - he is by general consensus the second best center in the league right now. That's not to say that he or Jozy are finished products, but both are already good.
It was never clear what the situation was there. One can have a serious family matter requiring him to leave the country and still take in a match while overseas. I think he more than earned the benefit of the doubt by being the class of the league and team's most valuable player (in its truest sense) in his first year.
Uh, Djorkaeff was tremendous with NY.
Yeah, it's Deuceface. That's what it is. No discussion necessary.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on Name the Clint Dempsey Face at Soccer By Ives
a) Highly unlikely - Tottenham has a wage ceiling, rumored to be around 80-90k. The Adebayor transfer took a long time because he had to accept a massive paycut. b) What built in advantages? Being in London? There are plenty of teams in London. Being fairly successful? That was built and earned. Lloris was actually a steal at that price. Bale was extremely cheap - 7 mil. Adebayor cost only 6 mil. c) Tottenham was not always a successful club. It wasn't long ago that they were thought of as being perennially on the outside looking in. Nor are they huge spenders. Whatever psychological effect they now benefit from is one they earned through building the team wisely. And they still suffer from the reverse effect, as with Modric. Basically, I don't think your criticisms make sense applied to Tottenham. This isn't the club you're looking for. Maybe Chelsea, Man U, or City.
Er, do you realize that Spurs turned a profit of 13-14 mil pounds in this transfer window? It's not like they're going out there and spending like drunken sailors.
Uh, they were top 4 last year...
I doubt that that's accurate. Tottenham's wage ceiling is around 80k, and Dempsey would not going to be at the max end of their wage scale.
Dempsey is in at Spurs. Not a bad place for him and not a bad signing for Spurs. He'll be a fringe first XI player as a wing midfielder/wing forward, will play plenty with injuries.
Commentators said it was Pontius. That angle was only shown once, so I don't know for sure. Who it was is irrelevant anyway, homeboy.
Neutral fan and I saw two bad calls - the first disallowed goal and the Williams second yellow. There was nothing wrong with that first goal, and Williams' only sin was making an incredible tackle that Geiger apparently refused to believe was possible. The encroachment call and the red on Duda were both good calls. And both were dumb decisions by DCU players.
Pontius encroached FAR more than Adu did. Adu was maybe a step inside. Pontius was several steps inside. Refs often give players leeway for a step or two, but Pontius was way over the line. Stupid decision by him really.