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The only thing I don't understand is that as an online marketer, howcome you didn't start your own business/site? I'm sure you know all about SEO and outsourcing. Why not make money for yourself instead of for 'the man'?
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The best advice is to add onto what you already know, not necessarily to do things different. I always recommend people to send an interview follow-up letter or phonecall after an interview to let them know you've enjoyed the interview and to reiterate that you'd be a valuable asset to the company (and remind them why)
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on Bad Job Search Advice at Alison Doyle
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A lot of things have been said about Twitter as it becomes more and more intertwined in our lives. This article certainly adds to that, great piece!
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This letter shows that it's always good to be confident and sometimes just flat out bold. If you believe you're qualified for a job, show it, and show others. Claim the job and put your foot down (without being mean or rude of course). If you feel that you're not going to get the job because you did or did not do A or B in your job interview, you're setting yourself up for failure (see also: Self-fullfilling prophecy). So, don't be afraid to talk to yourself in the mirror after your interview and tell yourself you did a great job; you gave it all you had. Also; "Posted by The Guerrilla Recruiter on 12/28/2009" I can't believe I slept through Christmas... Anyway, I just started my own blog for career advice, check it out
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