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Jocelyn Wallace
Des Moines, Iowa
Visual author, speaker, & business coach at Red Eleven Group, LLC.
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Brian, great comment. So, starting with your passions and then narrowing down to see which of them also indicate areas of strength... I can see how this could be beneficial too. I tend to be good at many things, but it doesn't mean I am excited or passionate about doing all of them. So if I'm not jazzed about it, I've learned that maybe I should think twice about pursuing it.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2011 on 3 Ways to Find Focus at IowaBiz
Brian, thanks for continuing the conversation! It's always a tug and pull -- being intentional about relationships while also mindful of time constraints and the need to accomplish much in the short business day. I think I'm going to need to pick on Brian and Actis Wealth Management for a future IowaBiz interview and blog post!
Brian, great comment and contribution to the discussion! I look forward to writing more about success stories and challenges of building relationships with limited time. Readers, Brian Thompson is a partner and wealth manager at Actis Wealth Management. Learn more at For everyone out there, what might be a few specific things that challenge you most about developing connections while still balancing time constraints? Brian got the conversation started... what else?
Jason, thought-provoking! It would be interesting to do an interview of people in different situations and quantities of networks, online and offline. I'm sure there are pros and cons to the large versus smaller networks, and different intentional methods of each. At the end of the day, I think we all want meaningful relationships. What Claire eluded to, I think, is that it's easy to mis-step the "how" when reaching out to connect, especially if there is less clarity and integrity with the "why."
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2011 on Connect to the Unconnected at IowaBiz
Alison & Amanda -- from my visual thinker tribe! High five! Thank you for taking a minute to chime in...visiting us from all over the US! Readers -- take a look at the great things these two top-notch visual thinkers are doing: Alison: Amanda:
Teresa -- excellent movie recommendation! Funny coincidence, my kids just received that one in the mail today from their amazing grandparents!
Mr. Farrell, awesome comments! I am SO going to drop and give you 20! One arm behind my back! Well, maybe not 20...we all have to start somewhere. But I know I'm missing something, especially the think clearly part!
Thanks, Kevin! I think it's interesting that we all know what we should do, but sometimes don't. When you have a habit to change, what ideas or tips do you like to try? How do you get motivated to change them? Readers -- I checked out Kevin's site and you should too! Kevin is a consultant and speaker promoting productive working environments. Learn more at -- Jocelyn
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Feb 17, 2011