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I'm in at 11 et! Raising my glass to new and better days and remembering all the good old days with fondness and love. Best of luck to all of us, bloggers and back bloggers.
Wow! A great storm of dispair has been unleashed by the end of this fun, informative blog. I, too, have found so many of the Tarts and visiting authors from this site. This, frankly, is the only blog I read and I've been around since 2007. I have a whole cadre of friends because of the blog and I never thought I'd be one of those people who had cyber friends. I surely understand the time requirements of each of your charming bloggers. I'm sure I couldn't do it. But then again, I read, I don't write. But gee whilikers, I'm gonna miss ya.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2011 on Lemon, Out at The Lipstick Chronicles
It all comes down to quality of life. That is the most important thing to consider. The pet's quality of life. If a short period of time with discomfort and hassle with the treatment can cure or abate the problem, then I would not hesitate. However, if the treatment is doing nothing but prolonging a miserable life with little or no hope of marked improvement, make the decision as hard as it may be. It is one of the important things we are able to give our pets. Animals deserve dignity in life and in death just as we humans do.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on Member of the Family at The Lipstick Chronicles
Janet Lynn, it's fairly easy as long as your bank or lender knows what's going on. We, both my husband and I, were recent victims of identity theft and I can say without fear of contradiction, it is a real nightmare. And we caught it before they could do much damage. During all that, we were in the process of refinancing our house. So it's doable, and I think all the stuff that took so long was the bank doing their part to dot all their i's and cross all their t's as a result of the recent bank fiasco rather than our identity theft issue. We are locked down with all 3 credit reporting agencies for 7 years. The (somewhat) peace of mind is well worth the extra hassle should we need to apply for any credit.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2009 on He Called Me Sweetie at The Lipstick Chronicles
Somewhere in Alan's friend's montage I glimpsed a regally dressed woman with what looked like an Uzi. Now that's edgy.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Looking "Edgy" at The Lipstick Chronicles
No the politics from this reader. Those are usually the days I tune out. But more of MM's explanations of life, history and holidays, more of the Tart's daily lives as authors and women, and I'm very excited about Manly Mondays (not that way Margie). I came here because I love mysteries and it is fascinating to me to be able to learn about the fabulous people who write them, the processes involved, the juggling of personal lives and family, and all of the wonderful back bloggers. I now feel I know all of you even though I've never met most of you and probably won't ever. But I'd love to. Can you imagine the room with all of us in it, talking and sharing away? Maybe that's what blogging is all about, connecting with a common thread and taking that thread and weaving a blanket with multiple patterns and ideas. I read almost everyday, comment occasionally, but learn so much about so much. But please, politics, No, No No.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2009 on Re-vamping the Tarts at The Lipstick Chronicles
Hi, Hank, good to see you here. I am thrilled to see I'm not the only one of us to be so disconcerted by discontinued items that I have no limits to searching it out. Clinique used to do a gel blush in about 4 different colors. Discontinued. But an internet search found comments by makeup artists raving about it. Hence the reason Clinique discontinued it??? Then they brought it back for a short period, silently I might add, and of course it didn't sell well because we, the fans, didn't know it was back and missed it. Same thing with L'Oreal Ideal Balance foundation but at least I found that on Yikes, I guess we can be considered in a rut. But it takes a lot of money, experimentation, and don't forget time to find a replacement product that works as well/looks as good as the discontinued item. I hate that. Wait!! Tzi, did they discontinue Blue Grass deoderant too? I'm calling the Elizabeth Arden spa right now. And Ramona, Waterford discontinued my crystal pattern. How odd is that?
Put me in the cold bedroom column. At least 65 and lower if possible. Ceiling fans help, too. Hotels are a problem cuz they usually have a regulator on their thermostats which will only let the temperature go so low. Kathy, I'll visit you anytime and loooove the cold house.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Sleeping Weather at The Lipstick Chronicles
I'm late to the party and I have enjoyed all of your comments. I am struggling to learn French because I want to and I think it is important to be able to visit another country and be able to at least make a rudimentary effort to speak the local language and I hope to be better than just rudimentary when I am a guest in another country. That all said, good night nurse! It's a book of fiction not an etiquette book! It was part of the story and the color and detail of the characters! Your reader needs to remember she or he is not the language or manners police! Sorry for all the exclamation points. I couldn't help it I am so irritated that someone would have the effrontery to correct you, Elaine, and any of our delightful authors, on how you choose to depict your characters.
And the Texas Campaign for the Environment just stopped by my door seeking money & letters to be sent to various state, national and private individuals to help stop toxic e-waste from all our old electronics, here and overseas.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2009 on Dog Days at The Lipstick Chronicles
William!!!! That what Doc in the Box is for. Call you can even get a semi appointment. Go! Now! jodi
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on House Calls at The Lipstick Chronicles
Opps! altitude not altitute.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on Quel Disaster! at The Lipstick Chronicles
Thanksgiving in Taos New Mexico, altitute 10,000 feet! Had breakfast early in the morning, popped the turkey in the oven at 250 degrees just like the package says. Turkey still raw at 3pm. Turkey still raw at 5pm. Turkey still not done at 7pm. Nine pm and four very testy, very hungry people. At last turkey is done. High altitude cooking at its worst. Never, I say never try to cook a turkey at 10,000 feet.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on Quel Disaster! at The Lipstick Chronicles
Once when I had to go to the Social Security office to get my card reissued, I took a book. The lines were huge. I could have sold that book 10 times over. I was the envy of everyone there. Always have a book with me.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2009 on A Fast Read at The Lipstick Chronicles
Sleeves of Thin Mints!!! Listen to Brian Regan's take on serving sizes on labels of foods! Hilarious! Unfortunately probably really true as well.
What about any of the books by Ernest Hemingway's, maybe Old Man and the Sea or A Farewell to Arms or John O'Hara's Ten North Frederick or John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley? I loved O'Hara and Steinbeck when I was in highschool. Read everything they wrote. OK, maybe I was a strange kid but I really did read those books on my own with no prodding from anyone.
I have a friend whose mother and aunt died of breast cancer. Sure enough she was diagnosed with it. She elected to have a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery all in the same operation. She liked it to having a boob job and a tummy tuck all in one. Her doctor is one of the leading reconstructive surgeons in the world. But wow what a procedure. 13+ hours on the table and another 5 weeks at-home recovery. Then she had the genetic testing which came back positve. She hardly hesitated before saying get these ovaries out of me. She had that surgery just a little over a year after the first surgery. Fortunately she did not have to undergo any chemo or radiation at all but she spent about 18 months having and recovering from surgical procedures related to genetic heredity. Her decisions for surgery were definitly made easier by the diagnosis(es) given by her doctors, but still it is a huge decision to undergo surgery, especially elective and preventive. Me, I don't think I could go that way. But I admire people who can make those decisions.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on Preventative Measures at The Lipstick Chronicles
I wonder why it is always rabid men, who are the loudest protesters of abortion, who are the ones who lead the fanatics, who are the ones who pull the trigger or set the bomb, and yet are never the ones willing to step up and care and provide for the unwanted, oftentimes physically and or mentally afflicted babies who are born to women who would choose to end their pregnancies. We never see those same men offer to adopt or provide financial support for any of these unwanted children. And killing to protest their concept of killing just doesn't make sense no matter how one tries to justify it. I could go on and on, but Sarah and William, you said it too well.
Annette, you are on my list! I am now singing all the words to Henry the Eigth and I'm stuck with it. Thanks a lot.
Happy, Happy, Josh. and Peach!!!! Wow!
My hair grows so fast, I go in every 3 weeks to keep from looking like a skunk. Fortunately I have tons of hair which helps hide the skunkishness but still...Michael, who is fabulous with color, high and low lights, is not the best with a pair of scissors. Thanks to advice from Rocco, here at TLC, I sucked it up and now get my hair cut by Crissy and my color by Michael. It has been a match made in heaven. I always tip at least 20% and sometimes more depending on the complexity of the service. Thus, I can almost always get in when I need to without too much wait. And, Yes, Elaine looked fabulous at Malice Domestic as well.