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If you know anything about this process you will know that for current model year vehicles and vehicles 1 year old there are no changes at all under this new policy.The same testing that is done for a new OEM vehicle on gasoline by the manufacturer is exactly what has to be done for a conversion system seeking certification. It is the new model vehicles where all the time and money are being spent on EPA and CARB certification. Let em do what ever they want with the older vehicles. Who cares! Most comapnies and individual car owners are not going to invest several thousand dollars to convert a vehicle that already has much of its useful life gone or may not even be worth the value of the conversion. Even with the existing tax credits it will never make much sense financially. Alt fuel conversions are not silver bullets. They don't make old tired vehicles some how ressurect. It's actually the opposite that is true. For a vehicle to be a good candidate for conversion it must be in very good mechanical and emissions realted condition. Fleets need current model year vehicles that can be converted. The need the opportunity to drive them their full useful life on the alt fuel to recoup the investment in the conversion system. As good as alt fuels will be for our country, it still needs to make financial sense for the companies choosing this path. The compliance, product development and testing necessary to satisfy EPA requirements takes months and 10s of thousands of dollars for each make, model and engine family. This policy change is not what America needs or what the industry needs. This is a token effort by the EPA to thwart the pressures currently being applied in Washington and what recently happened in the Utah legislature. We need an overhaul of the regulations in the Clean Air Act that governs this type of conversion upgrade to a production vehicle. Then we need to make an across the country standard (eliminate CARB) so any citizen, reguardless of state of residency, can enjoy the same opportunity to drive an alt fuel vehicle. If that can happen we will see a surge in alt fuel activity across the country that can set us on the course to true energy independance.
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May 10, 2010