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I would just be happy if Comcast (as does DirecTV)would allow me to use my Roku to watch HBOGO. I get SD comcast with HBO from the from my HOA (no choice) but I can get HD from HBO and Xfinity over the web. To watch TV I use DirecTV (no HBO)
Checked them all and I did not see anything that I just had to see before they leave in Feb.
queues are empty on the site but my Roku still has my queue up and running for the moment.
Holly crap, I did not notice my 300+ title Instant queue is also gone, now I am pissed!
Its all gone! It vanished in front of my eyes. I had only 35 or so in my queue and I added a new movie and it told me I should add at least 6 more, and they were all gone.
Sorry feel like an idiot, I just saw "wont cancel my cable" I just automatically to not put cable in the same league as DTV.
Where is the option on the Poll about not thinking of droping my DirecTV? I downgraded/droped all my pay channels on DTV when I started with netflix in 2000. I use the crap out of my Roku but it is not replacing most of my basic cable viewing
Mostly Roku, and at lunch with my EVO
I have 7, I tought when I added my EVO the other day that I was over. This is great.
I had to re-enter code on my roku this morning but worked fine after that.
I am so glad this app finally supports the evo. I just love how people in the market place are giving it one star for it failing to work on an unsupported phone. I think it's great we can hack the android but if I am having problems with an unsupported phone I am not going to blame the developer.
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May 13, 2011