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I blog about American women. I read tons of material like this each week, not excluding videos, blogs, books, etc.. THIS article details everything perfectly, but it's so long. I don't know who heard of the guy who got himself in the news recently for his- Boycott American Women blog. But MY blogs ended up in the news as well last week. You can write til you're blue in the face, mincing words, and being polite, but the message is missed by women. Men are high fiving around the planet. Some years ago. After better acquainting myself with foreign women. I did some research on foreign girls. WOW! NEW world opened up. I started paying closer attention to who my friends and associates were--and who they had married. I was not shocked to learn half of them(literally)had parted ways with their domestic wife or girlfriend, and found a foreign replacement. And, happily ever after.. Long story short. Men have quietly shifted toward foreign females, to avoid all this article represents. Since around 2001 this became more prominent. By 2004, it had gone viral and they had a slogan that stuck like glue- American women suck. Those whispered 3 little words have done more for shamed and scorned men than any other factor. Thus, the foreign bride service went through the roof, out of control, and unmanageable. In 1985 there was 1. Their numbers are so great now, no one can calculate how any. That's the truth. They are popping up like weeds--hourly. Foreigners learned the state of affairs here. Supply and demand. You do the math from there. By 2005 the Fed steps in with a hard core feminist sponsored law called IMBRA. This was only meant as more control, as wised up men flocked to foreign girls by the 100's of thousands each quarter, and eventually millions. It what was dubbed "The global dating revolution". IMBRA imposes so many barriers to obtain a foreign wife that it's clearly insanity and control. It protects no one from anything. Some nations had to impose moratoriums on bride services and exported women, because the shift was massive! It was truly unmanageable. No one saw this coming. Why all the hush hush? American women are editors, too. I'm sure this hit the desks of many female reporters and editors who saw the content and said NO WAY! We are NOT reporting that. But it needed no publicity. The water cooler and the barber shop are as good as any internet source. I figure it took American women about 4 decades of Gloria Steinem to get themselves in this mess. It'll take about 4 more decades to get out of it. Bottom line: American women have zero humility. That's their #1 curse. They are horribly spoiled, and thoroughly brainwashed by women's magazines and the like. As I say- "An American women demands respect before she earns it. A foreign woman earns it, and asks for nothing". Hence- American women suck. American women think they deserve, because the exist. Oh..boy... THAT attitude. SO many of them now, lonely and single, up to age 50 now--never married. And you'll get 20 every 30 seconds who swear they aren't like that--but they are. Just marry her. My two rules on relationships with modern American women: 1. Dating one is like playing Russian Roulette 2. Marrying one is suicide And this article fully solidifies my every word. Thank you. But if no one believes me. Then feel free to Google lingo like "American women suck blog" "American women (any negative)"
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
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Jan 20, 2011