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I'm not military, so maybe I'm not even understanding what's being said here; but the idea of an American military base being mostly unarmed and unequipped to fight is just inexpressibly bizarre to me. I have always imagined American military bases as places absolutely bristling with dangerous men, who in turn were all bristling with all sorts of implements of death and destruction. Civilized men, I would expect, but damned dangerous. This whole issue is deeply disorienting. What does it even mean, if a military base is not the single most dangerous place on earth, to get rambunctious? It is as if we were living in the Matrix movie. It's hard to believe that this stuff is real. And to them what served that reads here, mere words would not be a shadow of appropriate thanks.
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Like the 3rd one best ... the towers and all that. A little puzzled by the red texturing. It looks like solarized images of some sort. I kind of like it, makes the type more interesting, but if it is solarized images perhaps they should be a tad more recognizable, not enough to steal focus, but visible with effort perhaps. The extra star adds impact, but has no obvious meaning. So I like it but ... If symbolism is appropriate in that spot occupied by the star, here are some random thoughts: -- Lady Liberty's torch. (easy, simple) -- This is not America's first time at this dance. The reason we kept a standing navy despite the founders' initial inclinations was the Barbary Pirates. Is there some recognizable symbolism from that war or period? -- G. Washington's very recognizable head. -- Perhaps Mr. Adams who I think was involved in the war vs the mohammedan pirates. -- Bosch Fawstin's Pig Man (just kidding) All the best.
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Pamela, You are a heroine in the cause of freedom and a heroine among our people. May the almighty lift you up and cause his face to shine upon you. A thousand thanks, and happy Pesach. JB
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Thank you Pamela. I've been meaning to write Beck about this all week, but haven't yet. In part because I rather doubt he would notice one more email in the flood that comes in. I will but thanks, really. I'm sure he'll hear about this piece. Beck is fine. In fact he's one of our very best. But that doesn't mean he can't screw up. And boy, he sure screwed this one up royally -- by even his own articulated standards. I expect that he just didn't do his homework thoroughly. I imagine he saw a few headlines about Wilders and went with it. He even interpreted Wilders' having been banned by Britain as a point against Wilders rather than the appeasing British left. Doh! I'll bet he didn't know that they reversed themselves on this, or why, or what happened to the idiots who banned him in the first place. Beck's not a dope. I expect, and certainly hope to hear a public retraction on this. It does strike me as curious that he did not single out somebody like Le Pen, who really is rather the sort that Beck objects to, rather than Wilders who is clearly a good guy. Odd. I really really don't want to think that FOX's Arab backers are somehow pushing FOX to smear Wilders for them -- and that FOX is going along. And I really really really really don't want to think that Beck would go along with such a thing, were it the case. All the best and thanks again, JB
Fox's contamination by Arab money is cause for very SERIOUS concern. The Arab and jihaddist campaign to start buying out the american news and opinion outlets is brilliant. Evil, but brilliant. They figure us for whores, and treat us appropriately, and too often it works. Can't argue with that. They got a radio station in California (KSFO) which is shedding their pro-liberty talkers. And the move on Fox was a master stroke -- although why Fox was willing to contaminate the brand I'll never understand. All that said, this episode is grounds for hope.
I just mailed that item to a long list of people.
Caught the repeat at midnight. Looked great. Sounded GREAT! Clear, focused, succinct, candid, NO-NONSENSE, motivated and fully present. You really showed up. Congratulations. BTW, a couple of your remarks put the liberal idiot in deep in the shamefaced shadows even when you weren't directing them at or about him. Made him look like an idiot with a minimum of words or wasted time. Nice work. Sean Hannity, who I like to begin with, just lifted himself up a couple of notches in my book by having the discernment to bring you on the show. Sean, if you're seeing this, nice find! Good work! I'll be boosting your show to my circle of acquaintance with sincere intention. AND HAVE PAMELA BACK! PLEASE! I'll thank you, and America will thank you. Pamela, I'm thrilled to see you getting out in the public eye. Hope to see more. All the best.
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New-media pro-American reports embed with the US forces. Reuters and their lot embed with the bad guys. That is ... when they're allowed to live.
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