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The Public Sector unions, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi & the rest of the Democrat liberals are driving businesses offshore & taking our jobs with them. Think about it. The cost of property & corporate taxes; along with the trial lawyers being able to sue every business; are not helpful. These anti-corporate policies are killing jobs in the U.S. If u are a private sector employee; like most of are, and you’re supporting the Public Sector unions and other parasites calling for higher taxes, you really need to re-think your position.
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I think the robo signing issue is overblown. I don’t think the deadbeat borrowers have a leg to stand on. If Bank of Amer or any other lender improperly closes on a defaulted promissory note, the rightful owner of the promissory note has recourse; not the deadbeat borrower. In this manner, the foreclosure process may be slowed a bit, but I don’t see deadbeat borrowers being able to sue to get back into homes they haven’t paid on. That would be insane. And this is coming from someone with both a banking and legal background.
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Oct 16, 2010