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I second the Design Review Mobile app, this is really where the practical use of tablets in the field or on the go will be until the UI gets hashed out for full model authoring. I could see using Design Review Mobile to make notes and markups in the field as well as for reviewing drawings and models on the go and in coordination meetings. No more worrying about not having the drawings you need or having out of date drawings. Also, a stylus could help curb the fat finger issue when you want more precision. I am surprised more tablets don't come with a stylus in the package, some of the original smartphones always had a stylus with a built-in spot to hold it. As for apps I have used, I fired up AutoCAD WS the first day it hit Android devices but I haven't found much need for it yet as I only have my phone and not tablet to use it on. I see using it on the phone as a last resort if I had nothing else. Tablets should provide enough screen real estate to make it useful.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2011 on Mobile apps for BIM? at Inside the Factory
I second the need for Android versions. Android has just as much if not more exposure than iOS devices. Cool idea for instant messaging your Revit team in the office or checking on who is working in the model.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Bluestreak Mobile is on the App Store at BIM Apps
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Jun 9, 2011