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I don't buy it,I do buy the fact they were giving out free vaccines in leroy. Probably experimental H1N1 vaccines, I heard this in an interview on Anderson Cooper. A Dr was asked, what it could be? He suggested it could be strep, and said strep is found in several things and the H1N1 was one of them. Lets examine the evidence, a flyer announcing the free vaccines give away. Shortly after, young girls are having serious neurological problems. As a CDC officer said, when speaking of the great quantity of Vaccineal Mercury our children were exposed to by the Thimerosal preservative accumulation. "this was not rocket science, it's ninth grade math" Just like, free vaccines = Free Neurological damage.
Here's one for Tereasa O If you stop putting poison in children you will stop having poisoned children. And as far as the person that likes the The brain research. You said I am referring to is the scientific data relating to functional MRI scans of the autism brain. The 3 areas are the amygdala, the hippocamus and the corpus callosum. The amygdala. Here is a clue, of of the damage being found in the brain. On the Thimerosal MSDS sheet it states that Thimerosal is accumulative in the body,and it targets the organs of the body..(now here is where you need to pay close attention) The MSDS goes on to say; [in particular the Brain and the lining around the Brain]. They are just finding the damage in the Brain that the Manufacturer admitted it caused.
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Sep 2, 2011