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"This Dash piece reminds me that you can craft an piece with arguments that are valid and hard to dispute in the particular cultural context, and still be a huge raging dick." Valid and hard to dispute? A theater is a privately-owned business where each patron "rents" a seat for a particular show. Theaters, operas, restaurants, they all are the same basic business propostion as a movie theater. You must behave by the rules and most importantly, respect the establish and the other patrons or be sent out on your douchey ass. If we both paid for dinner in a given restaurant, but I chose to stand next to your table and talk loudly through your entire meal, fart repeatedly, and stare at you the entire time, you'd likely ask for the staff to throw me out. And they would, because my behavior violates the rules and accepted social conduct. But what I was doing was "normal" and not necessarily illegal or even outside the norm of public displays. It's just not acceptable when we've both paid for a peaceful eating experience. A movie theater shouldn't be any different. People who insist on doing whatever they damn well please in a theater can first suck a bag of dicks, and then blow me. We both paid (theoretically) and you have no right to ruin my expectation of getting my money's worth.
Glenn, you're always going to be asking for it from the AV nerds if you're posting this photos of your TV as some sort of proof of the aspect ratio. They're not even in proper perspective, and honestly I can't see what you're trying to illustrate by showing various stills from various discs. No offense, but the photos are so dark and lo-res I can't really tell if there's any difference in aspect ratio between the examples. Regardless, I went over to BluBrew (seriously guys, who came up with that site name?) and their screen grab ( definitely measures to 1.78:1 and it appears to be cropped similar to your example, so it certainly looks like the BluBrew reviewer is correct. But seriously, "BluBrew?"
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May 23, 2011