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Joe Lotz
Seattle, WA
An Electrical Engineer working in Seattle, Washington.
Interests: Data visualizations, Matlab, R, Arduino, Eagle, electronics, and most things geeky.
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UltraNerd is exactly right. This is where comparing teh trends between the non-banned and banned states are important, as Kaiser suggests. These spikes could (and probably) are cyclical affects, like snow season, Christmas/New Year holiday season. The sensationalism of their conclusion is pathetic. "...what they MIGHT have been doing was moving their phones down..." Further more, what they MIGHT have been doing were math problems causing aliens to destract them resulting in accidents. The conclusion? Math is dangerous and should never be taught!!
Just a quick note, the Trifecta link is broken. Love the blog!
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Ranking airlines: no easy task at Junk Charts
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Oct 7, 2010