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Alex, thank you for this. This type of talk is important in every daily life. True interest in anther person's life, no matter the connection, can lead to long relationships and interesting stories. After all every best friend starts out as a complete stranger.
It's important to remember to always go back to the root of it all, whether our jobs, relationships or our faith. There we can find how to keep in flight. Thanks for the very refreshing post.
This is probably my favorite post so far. A good way of giving people the reality of things. ;)
Nice view on the other side of the coin!
This by far one my favorite posting. I love the words he described the darkroom, "souped and printed." All the things about the cameras, film, lifestyle, community...things have certainly changed. I'm sure when someone interviews you, Alex, in the next generation of photojournalism, you'll be talking about how crazy it was using your eyes to make pictures.
Thanks Alex, It works now. When you say student, can one be a "student" of life and still get the discount? Haha. Just kidding.
I'll try to make it. It would be a great opportunity. Your link seems to point to the tribune webmail login page. I think this is what you wanted:
Is quite something to experience. I knew in the Body Worlds exhibit real human specimens were used, but never really hit me the humanity of it until I saw a piece (no pun intended) with a tattoo. It really struck me that these "things" were walking talking human beings at one point. It is truly a mixture of art and science.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on Our Bodies, Exhibited at Assignment Chicago
Happy Indeed. Go Pullman.
It's never too early for a photographer, just being "too late" is what you don't want.
The best camera you have is the camera you have on you. Feels like the first day of class with JHW.
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Jun 28, 2010
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I like "Keep in Flight" :)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on yesterday's photo. The thought process of shooting and editing on the computer is great to see. I'll forward this article to those who describe photography as, like spudart said, "oh it's easy, it's just one photo."
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May 25, 2010