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Actually, what i think we have here isn't a new expired experimental satellite but an old one, becuase of the size that they report it to be. The traditional practice has been to de-orbit them into the deepest part of the Pacific, and since only the thickest parts survive re-entry, the fact that they are badly deformed by the heat of re-entry and end up at a depth below that which anyone has sent a diver, they haven't worried about it. So what I think we have here is an old bird with a fuel or engine problem. One which tells them that there is uncertainty as to how long they can burn the motor, and thus can't safely establich that its' remains will fall within a predictable, unpopulated range.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2008 on Falling satellite at Pro Commerce
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Funny, this new "Ami Trendsport".... I seem to remember quite a bit of it going on as early as the mid 80's: by skinheads in the less well monitored S-Bahn stations. There would be an outrage about it roughly once a month too.