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Joerg Meyer
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Camper, may I give you a helping hand. Making super cristal clear ice is VERRRRY simple ... (sorry to say ... I saw you did a few Attempts). You need a big box, lets sa where it fits like 5 to 10 or even 20 literes of water. If the Water is filltered or even "cooked" its more easy but normally it works also with regular water. Choose a box wich is high, not wide. NOW you have to Isolate 5 sides of the BOX very good with some stuff you find for tempreature isolation (from OUTSIDE). Put the Box in the Freezer. Trick is ... Water starts freezing from the TOP, the only NOT isolated side. Die ICE on the TOP will slowly fall down and bring all the AIR and everythink wich is in the ice to the bottem. After2 or more days...belongs on freezer and size... the whole block is froozen. 10 to 20% of the bottom is "dirty" Rest is cristal clear. You need a good saw or very sharp knife to cut of the "dirty part" ... rest is a cristal clear block. Let it rest carefully at room tempreature. Then you can saw it into small - cristall clear block / cubes. IT is NOT possible to freeze small cubes without this way (Big Block, Chop down to cube size) Works perfect and is very easy! Please give Feedback Regards Jörg Meyer Le Lion • Bar de Paris Hamburg
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Nov 19, 2009