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I had some of the same thoughts myself upon initially hearing this news. I was unaware that posse comitatus didn't apply to the Corps and am concerned that this (or any subsequent) President has the power to simply decide to use this force by nulling the regulation. And by doing so removes the "illegal order" defense for not following orders against the citizenry. Being an Oath Keeper (or of that mindset) would be of no help for the Service member in this scenario unless they were willing to step over the line from looking for legal reasons to not follow an order, and would be placed in the against their conscience position which isn't legally viable for them. I also agree that the differential between being combat trained and being law enforcement trained is a severe disadvantage if the operations shift into the combat arena. Combat Troops are trained to break things and cause resistance to cease by applying overwhelming force, Police forces are trained to preserve life and property while applying the minimum force possible the tension between to two methods is near palpable. As to which laws they should enforce, ROE should cover that but we are already trying Service members for making judgement calls in Combat operations. I can't even imagine the angst in those Service members attempting to make the calls Police officers are required to make, especially given that they would be required to do so in areas that are less stable than most communities stateside.
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I'm still not sure you've established that you are, in fact, your boss and therefore capable of suspending yourself. Until this question is adequately answered I would wonder if you wouldn't be free to post until the determination of whether or not you are or are not your own boss. If you are not your own boss then who is? And of course if you are your own boss than it is possible that you need to at least apologize to yourself, if not your readers - and frankly - we expected more of you. You are better than this.
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Nov 9, 2010