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As Howard Jacobson wrote at the end of his intelligent comment piece on Friday, "None of this, to rehearse another tired though necessary qualification, is to support the Israeli occupation. Something else that impressed me at the meeting - how universally what needed to be condemned was condemned. An unequivocal no to the ban didn't mean an unequivocal yes to Israel. This was not a room of people blind in love with Zionism. Which made me wish that some who write vituperatively to me whenever I use the word Israel had been there. You don't have to be a Zionist to oppose the boycott. You don't even have to be pro-Israel. You can weigh an argument on its merits" All of those who wish to colour the other side of this debate should read this article and then immediately put away their words of hate for another time when they can be used with justification.
Thanks, that is interesting. From my very brief reading, I understand that Bahai is some kind of sect of Islam. Do they integrate and attend ordinary schools/universities in Haifa, Irene?
Hi Irene, I only just found out that the Bahai faith is based in Haifa. Can you post something about the relationship between this faith and Judaism, particularly in Haifa? Thanks
Mmm. I don't see much missional activity (as I've described above) by Emergent/ing churches. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
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Well, not really - I don't have time to go to classes in Jewish theology. I might check out those books when I have a moment, though. Presumably there are schools of thought and differences of opinion wrt Jewish theology and Israel? Also I'm not entirely clear how studying the links between the theology and Israel are going to help bring peace to the region.
OK, Irene, how about some posts about Jewish theology as it pertains to Israel?
I don't rate Dr Nazir-Ali as a useful commentator on anything very much. Everything he has said publicly appears to smack of the kind of delusion that suggests that sees what he wants to see. Someone once said that even an idiot looks clever if he keeps his mouth closed.
Denis, I am not sure that is a fair comparison, particularly as there are some Jewish Israelis that are involved in the call to divest and boycott. The rational can be explained simply: 1. Palestinians are being denied human rights because of impositions caused by the security situation 2. This is leading to depression and anger amoungst the Palestinians, who feel agrieved, particularly regarding the land situation, which they feel has been going on for 60 years. 3. Solidarity groups feel that they have tried every route available to protest at this injustice and are only left with the tools of divestment and boycotting. I don't think that chain of thought is necessarily anti-semitic.
Irene, I've already posted on Ruth G's blog my feelings on this. To respond to some additional stuff you have here. I suspect that there are some involved in a call for boycotts who are actually anti-semitic. But mostly I suspect they are just frustrated activists who see the lives of their Palestinian friends rapidly deproving (not sure if that is a word, apologies) and want to do something about it. Unfortunately, the solidarity movements are mostly under a delusion that boycotting is the only effective tactic in town - whereas I think that it is probably the least effective thing that can be done, and stands the most chance of hurting those it is intended to help. No Palestinian academic is going to be helped by an Israeli academic boycott. The Palestinian economy is going to suffer from an Israeli boycott as the Palestinian economy is more tied to Israel than many care admit. Regarding Dershovitz, I'm not sure how he can be so sure when he doesn't appear to actually know anyone involved in the boycott campaign. Having seen his debate with Finkelstein at Democracy Now! (having never heard of either before), I'm not really inclined to accept his word for anything very much.
Dr Lancaster, I have no interest in calling you names, nor exchanging hurtful words with you. I am the managing director of a business working with Palestinians in Bethlehem. I have been to the West Bank several times, I have seen the realities on the ground with my own eyes. This is my business website: This is my weblog:
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