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Beth, on my blog today I wrote on how a Boston based restaurant, @Boloco, is using online and offline strategies in their foursquare effort. Check it out! Joe @joewaters
Hi Beth, I've written a lot about how nonprofits can use Foursquare to raise money via cause marketing programs. A great example of this is the Paypal/Microsoft partnership at SXSW just a couple weeks ago. Read about it here: Harvard U. recently launched a badge and has a lot to teach nonprofits Foursquare effectively. My thoughts: For my first impressions on how nonprofits could you Foursquare to raise money, check out: Finally, there is some talk about another location based service out there called CauseWorld. Here's why I think nonprofits should stick with Foursquare: I think what really comes through all my posts is that location based services will play a key role for fundraisers, especially cause marketers, in the years ahead. Best to get on board now. Joe Waters @joewaters P. S. I'm wititing a post for next week on how nonprofits can use 4sq. I hope to share some new insights.
Wow! You must be exhausted, Beth. But what a fantastic trip! You know, I love to hear about how other cultures/countries are grappling with CSR/cause marketing as their corporate and philanthropic cultures grow. As you know, I'm pretty focused on cause-related marketing and draw most my inspiration from what happens here in the U.S. and the U.K. Although I have followed campaigns in Australia and South Africa. But not in India. As the consumer culture culture grows there, it will be interesting to see what form CSR/cause marketing takes. But I must say I admire the current Eden-like state of being focused on social outcomes. But with the reward of attracting good employees already benefiting companies, is India poised for its own era of selfish giving? Welcome home, Beth. Joe
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Feb 19, 2010