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D. W. GRIFFITH played by Adrien Brody. Griffith’s movies might be hard from some people to watch now. His world of film was perishable—everything goes off fast. He made people sit for three hours, and come back for more.
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Imagine walking into a department store and saying to the owner --can I take this shirt..please?
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In my opinion, also eliminate the "comp" especially industry "comps"! The Press should support the arts---buy a Ticket! In addition, I get very tired of actors that play the " I'm broke" card--but spend a night at the "Bar" buying $10.00 Martinis!!
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BARENAKED LADIES... In any jukebox musical one would try to find a diverse or at least popular artist/song(s). My choice would be "Barenaked ladies" They cover a larger gamut, easier to contextualized into a dramatic/comic plot. Understanding that in some cases the plot doesn't revolve around the particular musical group at all.( for instance MAMA MIA! Moving Out!) Other times, it's the main focus(for instance Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story and Jersey Boys).
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Mar 28, 2011