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"In 2005, Christians who attended church regularly earned more than $2-trillion but donated less than 1 percent of that figure to charitable causes. Christian churches generally advocate tithing about 10 percent of one's annual income each year. You haven't become any more generous since then." CHRISTIANS, YOU OWE THE LORD $198,000,000,000! If you're broke because of our economic downturn, maybe you should learn who's behind it. It's been their agenda for LITERALLY centuries:
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The "jewish" networks make a lot of money going after child predators yet the evidence indicates Rush Limbaugh - a "jew" of course - is one of these predators. WHAT KIND OF DEMON RAPES LITTLE BOYS WHILE ON VACATION IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC? Isn't it just astounding that neocons refuse... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2012 at Joeyblong's blog
Some of the best writing I've ever read. Is it true that Patrick has disappeared?
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2011 on Is Your Mouth A Little Weak? at Zionist Watch
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Nov 19, 2011