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Mark, this is a great update. Thank you for taking the time to make and share it. Yes, it's diverse and vibrant. Yes, it's complete. But for many Marketers it's overwhelming. I'm confident that in the long run the profession will get over the learning curve of mastering these many technological tools necessary for Marketing. Just as hard will be convincing those with the purse strings to invest in these tools. Your evangelism is great and I totally agree with the concept of "Marketing Technologist." As you know, most organizations are far from that reality. However, the forces of capitalism will force them to embrace this new position or fall further behind. Cheers, Joe Zuccaro Allinio
Scott, great, well-written post that all CXOs (Executive, Financial, Technology, Marketing, etc.) should read. There are indeed limits to our depending on technology; the Predator and other drones have a place in military operations - land based robots can explore caves and save lives that otherwise would have to venture in hostile environments; unmanned submarine vehicles can detect mines; however, there is no substitute for "boots on the ground," or "human intelligence" (HUMINT) and the inherent decision making that follows the gathering of data from HUMINT. In a business environment, HUMINT would include any front-line staff such as salespeople or customer support people that converse with customers and along with their direct managers, are trained to assess and make decisions which hopefully increase sales, prevent customer churn, or improve the strategic positioning of the organization. The crux of this post to me is that "we cannot delegate responsibility for the outcome." As Marketing Technologists, we are here to objectively build systems that possess better core competencies than we "carbon based" humans have - the ability to process mind-boggling, massive volumes of data for example. But human core competencies include complex decision making, which in the foreseeable future continues to outstrip that of any artificial intelligence or predictive analytical platform. The other important point to think about is that UAVs, when not armed to perform their own lethal engagement, do serve as the gatherers of data which ultimately is dispatched as "actionable intelligence" to the "boots on the ground." This "sensor to shooter" concept can be translated to the business world as "sensor to salesperson." In other words, the ability to *rapidly* gather, analyze, share and act upon data is key to an increased probability of success. Merely having a great platform with wonderful bells and whistles means nothing if you cannot use it to truly meet organizational objectives; The best technology is worthless unless it is augmented by the humans who create the culture that uses it with the greatest efficacy.
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May 1, 2010