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About this time of year I start looking at the Nares Strait on Worldview to see how the ice bridges west of Greenland are holding up. This year I see it's been open for a month already.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2017 on PIOMAS April 2017 at Arctic Sea Ice
I believe the Prince of Wales Strait east of Banks Island is capable of taking large ships - maybe not the biggest, but definitely serious shipping. As this appeared passable I would certainly say that the North-West passage technically opened - but perhaps only technically, unless it stays open for another week, since it ought to be open long enough to actually make the passage for a more genuine opening.
The Nares Strait continuing to open up, broken as far as the tiny Hans island and some melt-in-place open water at the north end too.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2014 on ASI 2014 update 4: high times at Arctic Sea Ice
More ice breaking away at the south ice limit in Nares Strait, but also a crack further north across the strait at Franklin island visible in the Aqua image today (2014-06-26):
There's quite a bit of break-up in the Lincoln Sea but no sign of the Nares Strait unjamming yet...
You're quite right to be clear about how you are using "good" in "a really good start to the melting season, so good that...". Even better than footnoting might be to use a different adjective; "strong", perhaps?
Toggle Commented May 16, 2014 on More on melt ponds at Arctic Sea Ice
4.8 Looks like the trend is heading for the upper end of the region defined by the previous three years + 2007. The Russian side of the Arctic could melt out suddenly and pull the rug from the high-end predictions, but it seems less likely right now. And 4.8m km^2 is still not very much ice historically, even though so many here have gone for much lower figures that "high-end" seems like an appropriate label.
I assume the parallel to Swift's satirical "A Modest Proposal" is not accidental. Personally, I think there is a nice symmetry in using the successes of the past to encourage the successes of the future. Unless you can make a strong argument that $1.2 million is too much for Vermont to spend on scholarships.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on A Modest Suggestion at Vermont Tiger
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