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Jo Guerra
Aurora, CO
Serial entrepreneur first as a jewelry importer and now as a small business development consultant using social media strategies to help companies get found online.
Interests: yoga, learning spanish, movies, walking, nonfiction narrative writing, health club, meetups
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Apr 13, 2012
Posting to your wall daily is a good strategy, Katie. It does take work. You can also share to your profile from your business page. So many changes coming up. Hey, it's great to hear from you!
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Hi Shawn, Good thing you don't. I used it sparingly so I would not overwhelm anyone. But it was a good feature. Wonder what new things Facebook will come up with. Hmm...
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Hi Lisa, You can try contacting them and see. So they took both of yours away?
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Oops, Jess, I missed this. Thanks for letting me know. It's always great to know this as I know someone that keeps creating customer's pages under her personal profile. If I run into a customer, now I'll know what to do if that is the case.
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Hi GT, You can certainly create multiple Facebook Pages - for business with no problem. You are only allowed one for each person/personal profile. I had to read Facebook's policies without just reading blogs or other information. Gosh, good thing you were able to get white-listed again with Google. That says a lot about you. Have a great day, GT. Jo
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Feb 8, 2011
Great idea, Ðidou. You can do the same with LinkedIn. Choose only certain tweets by using #in. Thanks!
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You are welcome, Catherine. Thanks for your comment.
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So here is my experience with Typepad. I used to love you, Typepad. Not as much. Hope you improve and I will again. 1. I had so many problems with the editor. And when I would open a ticket, several times I was told that you could not duplicate what I was experiencing. I thought it was my old computer, but I had the same problem with my new computer. It seems like the new editor is working a bit better. 2. Although the staff normally gets back to me within 24 hours, I've noticed that if I have another question or comment or they ask for clarification, it takes at least 24 more hours to get back to me. And if there is another clarification question or comment that I have to answer, it's another 24 hours. The worst time was this last time. My question was on 8/30, you answered on 8/31 and then after I clarified your questions, you did not answer again until 9/4 we finally got it figured out on 9/6. Is this because you want me to pay more so I can have premium support? If you want to see what great customer service is, ask MadMimi - the email marketing company how they do it. Unbelievably fast - within minutes and if I have a particular question, they'll even send me a video made just for me! 3. Why don't you guys come up with new templates? It's been too long. Good luck with the transition and please let us know how you are doing. Oh by the way, when I tweeted or Facebooked you, I got no response this last time.
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