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Johanna Ginsberg
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Amy loves the photos of Kaydi with the Giant Panda and the red panda!! and she was impressed that you got to touch the knobs on the door to the forbidden palace -- she thinks it will bring you lots of good luck! We are enjoying your blog and looking forward to seeing you when you get back. What an exciting adventure!!!
Hey there. Amy and I will be following your trip! Amy is obviously jealous of Kaydi and the licking dogs. I don't, however, think Amy's licking quotient could ever be satisfied. Meanwhile, Amy must have been thinking about you this morning when out of the blue she asked if she could learn Chinese. It's "such a cool language" she said.Or maybe it was the influence of seeing The Karate Kid...Either way, bon voyage, to borrow a phrase from another language!
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Jul 1, 2010