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This is extremely absurd, because saying that the SDF voted for Biya's immunity is fraud and deception in broad daylight and any one propagating this falsehood is company to dishonesty which apparently has become part of the culture here. This is an excerpt of an interview to Effort Camerounais which the Chairman of the SDF accorded last week ".....Is there no clause in the Constitution itself that prohibits such an act? NJFN:The National Constitution used Article 6, II to effect change in the country and it is this Article that the CPDM is trying to change. This is not all they are trying to do. They are also changing another article so that when they leave power tomorrow they cannot be tried for whatever they have done or have failed to do. This means that if Mr Biya has shown his hatred for the people of the North West Province for example, he can now decide to exterminate all of us and nobody shall be able to hold it against him anytime in the future. Because of this and other such things, SDF parliamentarians blocked the bill from being tabled while bringing up the recent arrest of one of their parliamentarians who was even handcuffed despite his parliamentary immunity before being taken to gendarmerie. This and many such issues are what should be debated in parliament instead of asking questions of ministers who have been given the answers before hand...."
Eyengue, You still have this habit of distorting facts, can you please tell me when and where the SDF VOTED for "immunity favouring Biya not to be prosecuted for killing youths". We are sick and tired of this your cheap talk.
Mukete, thank you for returning. It is been a while. You insinuated that the Chairman ran into hiding after meeting you? You must be suffering from your over-bloated personality.Maybe I missed the point. Are you talking about the person who braved Biya's military when they besieged Bamenda and cornered him into house arrest? Wonders shall never end. I do not have time to address your fictitious statements, for any intelligent person would be quick to decipher that your reasoning is severely retarded. What I would like to advise you is that never you compare the SDF to the CPDM because the difference is like day and night. To buttress my point, I shall give just one example. After the strike, Biya in a rare gesture assembled his flippant ministers for a ministerial council meeting. During that meeting, he issued out instructions, ordered adjustments, decreed changes to members of government, who by dint of their office where supposed to be the authors and masters of the said meeting. On the contrary, in the SDF after the strike,after provocative insults from Biya and his flippant ministers, the Chairman called for a NEC meeting, just before that, he held a meeting with the provincial Chairmen to get detailed field reports about data on the cause,course and effects of the strike action. It is upon this data that NEC pondered and issued a resolution which was presented back to the Cameroonian people in form of a press conference in Yaounde. During the press conference, the Chairman explained why NEC found it necessary to seek an audience with Biya; not because of a handshake as you stupidly say but solely to discuss social issues affecting Cameroonians which has been SDF's role as a SOCIAL democratic party. This should make it clear to you the fundamental difference between the 2 leaders and the structures they lead. In the CPDM power comes from above in the form of decrees,orders,instructions etc. You never hear the President consulting, meeting the people, visiting their markets, drive on their roads. But you always read and hear of decrees upon decrees. On the other hand, in the SDF, power flows from the people and to ease this flow you see the Chairman regularly visit the people, you see him touring Mboppi market, Mokolo market, Marche centrale, you see him mourn with them like at Pa Nkelle's funeral, he knows the price of a cup of rice or the retail prices of vegetable oil or cement.Ask him on how to get to Tibati without travelling on the bumpy roads of Bankim, or how to get to Sabongari from Nwa. All of these things have been achieved without having a status, so this rubbish of status means nothing to the SDF and its leader. Secondly,for the SDF, a handshake with Biya is a non-event. For the Chairman has had handshakes and discussions with more prominent and respected personalities like the late Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, the late Yassir Arafat, the late Benazir Bhutto, Olesegun Obasanjo, Laurent Gbagbo etc just to name these few. So having a hand-shake with the 19th worst dictator in the world means nothing to the SDF. What is primordial is that the suffering Cameroonian person should and would always have through the SDF a party that is prepared to present its worries to ALL persons who matter at ALL times, be it the French, Biya or any of the persons who parade around as ministers. In doing that, the party upholds that objectives laid down in its manifesto, irrespective of status of the opposition, of houses in Yaounde and of the amount of tear-gas inhaled by A or B.
Sam, Your analysis and consequent conclusion are well substantiated and thus deserve praise. But I am of the opinion you missed the point NEC was trying to make when it commissioned the Chairman to seek that audience. First,in seeking an audience to ponder on the plight of the Cameroonian people, NEC believes and rightfully too that the audience is expected to fulfill SDF's SOCIAL democratic responsibility, mainly by placing officially the figures the Parliamentary Group worked out and published on the methods of fully re-instating the salary of civil servants from accrued budget surpluses. Whether Biya uses the figures or not to petition his government to place a corresponding bill is not preliminary at this point in time. The most important thing is that in doing that through Biya the party seeks an essential avenue to fulfill its social democratic responsibility. Secondly, NEC strategically did not place any preconditions for the audience at this moment. If and when it is granted, the civil cabinet would work out the modalities of the audience with the party like the role of the press or in-camera during such an audience, joint press conference yes or no, publishing of minutes, third party etc. So it is premature to conclude that NEC has laid down its preconditions. Thirdly, the SDF made it clear its NO to the amendment of Art 6.2 is non-negotiable. Meaning even after an eventual audience, the party can the very next day respond with nation-wide street demonstrations if and when Biya seeks to revise that article. So it is not an issue that would be the element of such an audience, at least not a priori. Fourthly, the international committee was witness to the fact that the president rebuked the Chairman for stalling dialogue by skipping apointments. This in itself is a heavy allegation that compromises the image of the party and its leader. In officially and publicly seeking for an audience, the party clearly intends to give the signal internationally that it is in a position to sit down even with the devil(sic: adventure sorcerers) to discuss the plight of the cameroonian people. Sam I am convinced NEC is aware of the fact that "...the man is a highly individualistic and secretive character". That is why modalities need to be worked out with the civil cabinet and that is where I think the whole issue would fail. But before then the party must have proven its point. Lastly, no impression should be given that the flippant statements made by Biya's ministers after the strike are a thing of the past. On the contrary, the party is seeking all avenues to get the involved ministers answer accordingly either with disgraced resignation, eventual sacking or indictment. At the end of it all, the SDF would be on the advantage. I do not think that is meaningless as you try to insinuate.
Rexon, Very amusing indeed. Please don't stop. You say "...Southern Cameroonians should not go to the streets to strike because any politician have told them to do so." Who caused the strike that paralysed the nation? You stupidly intend to insinuate that Ni John Fru Ndi sent people to destroy his building in Bamenda. Now, maybe I am not getting something clear here.Where are the leaders of the "government" you say is clamouring for your independence? Where are their children? Do they not send others to hoist flags on the 1st of october? And also,Where do you reside? I am confident it is now abundantly clear on whose behalf you reveal your emptiness on this forum. What a disgrace. Tell your masters that if they dare touch the constitution the nation is going to fall into abyss,independent of whether A or B calls for strikes or not, or whether Ni John Fru Ndi's children live on the moon or on Jupiter.
Rexon, I am indeed very pleased, if not flattered that my sporadic and rare contributions on this forum leave an impact on you. It makes me proud of the values and the party I stand for. It also spurs me to encourage you to keep on criticising the SDF and its leader so that we can use the opportunity to mark greater impacts in future. That said, you seem to harp on your beloved sterile story of "...financed to colour his democracy.."or"...job of the soo called foremost opposition has always been to colour Mr Biya's Inexistant democracy in return for bribes through parliamentary grants, wages, salaries, etc...". I call it sterile because it is clearly not yielding the fruits you expected it to yield for the 3 years you've been repeating it on this forum. I can understand from your rantings that is indeed frustrating. And to demonstrate your frustration, your last contributions make no mention of the cause you struggled to make us believe you are fighting for. Many people chose the path you are using but when they met with such frustration, they either grumbled in envy or went mute in shame. The very few intelligent ones like Prof. Asonganyi diverted their talent to fight for democracy using other methods.Others like you will keep on spitting into the lake expecting to cause a flood. Now, I want to make it firstly abundantly clear to you that Ni John Fru Ndi is still the man majority of Cameroonians count on today. For example,just last weekend after the funeral of the wife of the Ivorian ambassador in Douala, the Chairman could barely drive out of the Douala airport or go through Round Point Deido without drawing a crowd of agile and gleeful youths wishing to give him a handshake. These people see in Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF , the only reliable partner to shape their future and the future of the nation through policy change like devolution and federation etc. Secondly, if my party is being "paid" to colour democracy as you say, and they show that by revealing massive corruption in Biya's government like in the Mounchipou case, by forcing tyrants to justice and at the same time demonstrate major discrepancies in the system like in the case of arrest, trial and subsequent release of Fon Doh,or by showing to the world elements of hate and genocide like the case of the Mfoundi elites, or by depicting the lie machinery of the Ministry of Territorial administration (on whose results the current dispensation of the Cameroonian parliament is composed)in suing the minister for defamation, by depicting the inefficient and chaotic judiciary and prisons in proving that Bessong did not escape from prison, not to talk of being in Bamenda nor driving around with the Chairman etc,by demasking government's misinformation system like the case with Cameroon tribune, by showing political victimisation of the Biya government and human right abuse like the case of Col. Chi and 20 others in Kondengui...if my party can depict corruption, embezzlement,hate,abuse and misuse of power,misinformation,lies, injustice and human rights abuse in Biya's government "paid" by Biya's government as you say, directed against Biya's government and at the same time resist all attempts to be part of this government unlike other politicians,then I can only congratulate the party for rigourously pursuing the motives and goals as outlined in the launching manifesto. This motivates me and many others to invest our hope and energy, to realise the the rest of the objectives listed therein. With this motivation, you can try hard to "...hang all those who have been helping him destroy Cameroon including all of you of the SDF...", you will only end up hanging yourself in frustration.
Mr. President, Cameroon is on fire because of failed leadership, lack of concern, corruption and tribalism on YOUR part. These were things my Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi had warned you of several times; trying to draw your attention to the fact that these vices may spark off a civil strife. But true to yourself, you remained aloof, taking Cameroonians for docile. Read his letters again Today when you have clearly failed the Cameroonian people and they are poised to take their destiny to their hands, you start hunting for others to put the blame on. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FIRE IN CAMEROON. Nobody else.
Londoner, I have read over the statement the chairman made several times but I still fail to see "his hate-filled propaganda". On the contrary, I see my Chairman warning the CPDM against tribalism because it could escalate to the proportions seen in other countries today because it is a purely human phenomenom to retaliate injustice by replication of injustice. If you read and don't understand then I feel sorry for you. You seem to harp on the fact that the SDF has top officials from the NW. But we know that is simply not true. So either you are ill-informed or you have a deep-seated grudge against the SDF in which case I can not help you. Get this: Pierre Kwemo 1.Vice Chairman Haut Nkam Joshua Osih 2.vice chairman hails from Ndian Dr. Benadzem Lukong Parlimentary Group Leader from Bui Jean Michel Nitcheu Vice Parlimentary Group Leader from Haut-Nkam Moukouri Moulema ASG Wouri Augustin Mbami Treasurer from Nde Ferdi Asapngu NOS/Mayor of Kumba from Lebialem etc. The last statistics show that Mezam has less 8% proportion in the National Executive Committee; and the NW less than 33%!!! So your accusations are simply baseless and demonstrate again clearly to what extent critics of the SDF would go to achieve their goals: Falsehood and lies.
Eyengue, That is the problem I dwelled on. You CPDM people would never want to identify yourself with your "successful" party because you know how rotten its fabric is. Forget about analysis, prisms etc but all of what you have written till date is void of truth = LIE , which is a very big characteristic of your party and its government. Firstly, someone was killed in Yaounde because of a disagreement over convention venue not constitutional amendment. Secondly, there is no where in the SDF constitution that states that the Chairperson of the party shall remain in office for life. On the contrary, the SDF is the only party which clearly defines the role of party chairman and the role of government officials; making it incompatible with the post of President of the Republic. In doing so, our Founding Fathers built in a mechanism where the party shall be in control of its executives and such excesses and extremes as witnessed today in your CPDM would simply not feature. An example of this system was depicted recently when the party openly said no to corrupt practices and preferred to loose control over councils than to have corrupt officials man them. This brings me to the fundamental differences between the SDF and CPDM , which you often claim blind to. The SDF is run by a National Executive Committee that meets at least 8 times a year. It takes its decision based on one man one vote. These persons were ELECTED by a convention which is the supreme organ of the party. On the other hand,your CPDM is run by a national Chairman, who does not even know the name of members of his politiburo not to mention his central committee.Whether these structures function or not, no one can tell. Whether they meet or not and how often is not of interest to any CPDM militant.For you, membership is limited to campaign money, salt and oil; and politics is more or less sending Motions of support to President Paul Biya and thanking him for appointing a son-of the soil to this or that position, or for building this or that hospital or road.When lower structures meet, it is solely to ask for posts and appointments or to send the Prime ministry to North,South,West or East. Your party chairman is voted in absentia during congresses; he meets the ministers of his own government at most once in 2 years. How your party is in control of these ministers to see that party policy and ideals are enacted no one can tell. There is a clear discordance and party ideology is vague. I can go on and on, but even primary school pupils would be quick to tell you that there is a fundamental difference between the SDF and CPDM. If you still do not agree, go back up to this article "SDF gets printing press" read and re-read the first 3 paragraphs to understand how the SDF functions. I know this in the eyes of a CPDM person is simply envious but that is the party I belong to. Say so for your CPDM!
Eyengue, My question is, if what Ni John Fru Ndi says is "empty talk" why do you need to comment on it? The trail has more than 20 news items, and you spend your valuable time to comment on "empty talk"? You further say Mr. Fru Ndi has been fuming for a long time now without any results. Every reasonable person would expect you to show the results of your ever gleeful Paul Biya. The lowest development Index worldwide? the most corrupt nation on planet? the 19th worst ruling dictator in the world?- These are all results delivered by your Paul Biya with his CPDM and published in international media. Let me tell you the truth. The problem with you CPDM stooges is you never fail to disguise your insatiable desire for money. And you know that if Ni John Fru Ndi had that mind-set he should have been in government today like Maigari Bello Bouba, Augustin Kodock and the rest. Over the years, your fears have been same. Never let SDF ascend to power otherwise the prisons of the nation shall tend to be incapable to accomodate you frauds. So dare you demonstrate to amend anything and you would what strength Ni John Fru Ndi's empty talk has. Just dare it.
I still nod my head in amusement at the level of political amateurism found in some contributions here. Amateurism because contributors are apparently opining that the SDF should condone with injustice and corrupt practices for the sake of doubtful procedures. In reacting to this blog, we must have two things in mind. First, no where in the world would a true political party substitute its ethical and moral obligation towards its electorate to the antics of political manoeuvres masterminded by its opponent. In some cases, parties prefer not to run local government than to man someone who runs tantamount to its aspirations. In the UK, the Labour party preferred to loose the prestigious council of London than to have Ken Livingstone as mayor in 2000. Tony Blair backed Frank Dobson and because Ken Livingstone would not yield to internal party discipline and recommendations, he was dismissed from the party on the 4th of April 2000 after being a member for more than 31 years. So the use of disciplinary measures after due process in the SDF in nothing new in serious political institutions. Secondly, some clamour that the SDF should seek justice through the Cameroon judiciary. I had to chuckle when I read this because the SDF has many sad experiences following this route. Cases brought before the Cameroon judiciary as far back as 1999 of SDF mayors the party would no longer identify with because of corrupt practices have been tampered with, in some cases, the files are still languishing in court rooms, that is 5 years after the mandate. This plays to the tune of the CPDM because it discourages the electorate when they see that SDF mayors also champion corrupt practices and go unperturbed. The consequence would be elevated voter apathy and loss of interest in the political class, which further affect the image of the SDF. So in such a situation, leadership is needed swiftly. The accused are given the chance to defend themselves and to apply for an appeal. That is how civilized institutions function and that is how the SDF intends to change Cameroon. One of the reasons the CPDM reinforces its fraud strategies each time is because of this rigid discipline and internal jurisprudence the SDF has succumbed itself to. They feel that once the SDF is in position to audit the system, then Cameroon’s prisons might be too small to contain all the culprits. But we know, you can only delay change but you can NEVER stop it.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2007 on SDF Fires Five Mayors at Up Station Mountain Club
Jesus Christ!, I have not had time to go over the contributions on these blogs since the farcical elections but what I gather from rushing through is that the place is still full of sterile sophism. While Ni John Fru Ndi was spending sleepless nights fighting for his rights and the rights of his people in front of the DO's office in Santa, absconders with illusionary and vague ideologies have been having a field day with their usual arm-chair criticism. Also, to fully anticipate the implications of an election whose official results have not been published is frivolity of the first order. As to the position of the SDF, NEC will deliberate on the issue and publish its resolutions at the right time. We only hope that till then Marafat would not have driven the country in to severe civil strife. I have to go now but know that the leadership of the SDF is not made of arbitrary adventurers. Diligent leadership requires that decisions are pondered upon and the repercussions fully taken into consideration, especially at moments of shameful provocation like the one expressed by Marafat.
Legima, If you decide to call your indegenes of Bali as locals just because you live in western luxury, then I weep for the course you claim to be fighting for. In the SDF, we are called grassroot militants, if we ask the party to boycott, it shall boycott, if we ask the party to dissolve, it shall dissolve. It pleases me to hear indeed to hear you say "Your SDF has been reduced to a local people's party." because these local people you seem to abhor are fundamentally what the SDF is about. It is a strong community built on socialist solidarity. When John Kohtem, a cripple, was murdered, Ni John Fru Ndi led the party to march under torrential rains through the streets of Bamenda for justice to be done to the murderers of this "local". This solidarity is being depicted on a regular basis, and the "local" people do appreciate it. That is why when the Chairman visits them, you read captions like "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm". I want to remind you that you are wasting your time when you persistently dwell on vague concepts which do not belie the mission statement of the SCNC you outlined above. It shall not bulge us one bit. Instead, I see plenty of amatuerism in your actions and lack of substance. Most of what you state as the SCNCs goal are methods that have been tried before by the SDF to varying extent. The SDF had massive sensitisation programmes with the Chairman touring every village in Cameroon at least 13 times. The party also had popular demonstrations and instituted one of the most significant cases of civil disobedience in modern African history by implementing the Operation Ghost towns. The party marched in Yaounde, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Kumba, Limbe, Douala and in foreign countries bringing the national economy almost to a standstill and ecumbering with the international image of Cameroon. International Human rights organisations were kept abreast and their reports depicted an appauling state of affairs in Cameroon. So ALL of these things you outlined as the plan of action of the SCNC have been tried by the SDF. On the contrary,for 12 years of its existence, I am still to hear of an SCNC contact tour, I am still to experience a peaceful demonstration march in Cameroon, I am still to read of a "nationwide" sensitisation campaign against corruption , AIDS or any other ills plaguing the people. All I hear of is empty noise of Ni John Fru Ndi here, Ni John Fru Ndi there. The man still enjoys an unrivalled popularity because he exposed himself several times to Biya's bullets and teargas, spent hours on turbulent roads, trekked on foot for several days to Akwaya, Furu Awa etc, spent nights trapped in mosquito-infested jungles in the outskirts of Mouloundou, Yokadouma, has been attacked several times by drugged CPDM thugs etc. So when Internet Freedom Fighters talk of sensitisation and demonstrations some of us just nod our heads at their naivety.
Legimah, I took the pains to debate with you because I thought you were a moderate "Freedom Fighter". But you have betrayed your naivity by adopting what some paid agents here have been propagating. When you tamper with the future of a people, never hope for any sort of following. You spend your time online saying the same thing over and over, dwelling on petty gossips and vague concepts. How you intend to achieve your goals, which was supposed to be your prime concern, no tongue can tell. On the other hand, I and millions of Southern CDameroonians are very comfortable with the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi because they have a goal and have outlined their methods of achieving it. We have settled for a federation; proposing an equal distribution of resources using the RGR 30/40/30 model (Region/Government/Rest), as Chairman outlined above. To achieve this, we intend to make strides in parliament and lay the ground work for political and administrative reforms that would ensure free and fair presidential elections. These reforms would enormously help boost voter anxiety and would propell democratic change by 2011. With that, we shall be able to attain the goals above within 6 years from now. Copy this example. Reiterate the goals of the SCNC. Tell us how you intend to achieve these and within what time frame; with which leadership and structure. There is no use spending hours repeating the same stories about plebiscite and Foumban over and over since 12 years ago. It clearly is not working for if it did, we should have been commenting here on "Ayamba takes SW by storm" not "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm".
Legimah, Do not misunderstand us. We have learnt to fish out true freedom fighters, the way SCNC would call such, from those agents who play double games. They use the SCNC to illicitly earn money from Biya. It is not the SCNC's fault as such, for every organisation against Biya's regime has been a victim of his vile and fraudulent tactics. I blame instead the greed and feymanism that Biya has thought his countrymen. If you are a keen reader, you should be able decipher such fraudsters. They claim to be SCNC, when you challenge them to bring in the programme of action of the SCNC, they erroneously and foolishly copy and paste the manifesto of a political party here, clearly showing that they do not know why AAC I and II where convened. They confuse the SCNC for a political party, fumble with its aims, mislead its sympathisers and at the end of the day, they are compensated by Biya. If they post 100 contributions here or elsewhere, 1 would talk feebly about the SCNC, the rest of the 99 would harp on the lone living rival of Biya, systematically tarned to weaken him so that Biya can have his leeway to exploit our resources with impunity. On the other hand,you never see or hear them attend SCNC meetings or demonstrations. You never hear them propagate or devise innovative tactics to help the struggle. Their sole aim is to target the SDF and most especially the man Ni John Fru Ndi to the advantage of the CPDM. And all this in exchange for money. Big shame. I have often said the SCNC has very legitimate goals and quite some talented and motivated persons. But those who make most of us dread away from SCNC activities are those who misuse it as a machinery to make quick money.One or two earn their living by writing here on this blog. As to why Ni John Fru Ndi still continues to hold mami water rallies despite the working of these fraudsters, the answer is simple. The people are living in abject poverty and they see in Ni John Fru Ndi a honest and steadfast politician. If he were greedy and corrupt as it is become norm in Cameroon, he would have used the powers of his office to make himself mayor, parliamentarian, parliamentary Group leader and Vice president of the National Assembly. These positions combined have the possibilty of earning at least 5 millions Frs in monthly wages plus allowances and staff. as I am writing, he is not even a mere councillor.Instead he shunned big titles and salaries, and dwelled on working voluntarily for the party while investing part of his time in training youths in Menchum on agropastoral farming. Biya sent agents to come and cajole him into government, but the chairman stood firm and Cameroonians applauded. That is why when he is out, you read captions like "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm". Now, some keep on insisting that the SDF should boycott elections because participation appeases the international community about Biya's willingness to heed to democratic reforms. I vehemently disagree with that. When the SDF boycotted the 1992 elections, the CPDM had its field day, and no one in the international community made any significant gesture to help the course. This boycott played to the disadvantage of the SDF a couple of months later when presidential elections were rigged. In november 1993, the SDF was not in parliament when Ni John Fru Ndi's car was attacked by water-canon trucks, the screens imploded by the full pressure of the water, his person lampooned by Captain Obama in the heart of Yaounde, just beside the star building. Delegates from IMF and World Bank were there on the spot and watched everything live in Mr. Biya's democracy from in front of Hiton hotel.It is only thanks to the dexterity of his driver, that the Chairman's live was saved. The driver hid the pedestrian way at 150km/h swiftly driving Ni John Fru Ndi to the house of the Dutch Ambassador who gave him refuge for 1 week. The following year, Achidi Achu's government was still granted the initial phase of the structural adjustment programme by that same international community who were witnesses to all these aspects of Mr. Biya's democracy. Ni John Fru Ndi cried foul, made tours to foreign countries (diplomatic offensive). Their response was same. Go back and represent your people!. Between 1990-1997,when the SDF was not in parliament, Ni John Fru Ndi met leaders like Clinton, Lionel Jospin, Jacques Foccart, Shimon Peres, Hans Eichel (The former German minister of Fiance who at that time was still Ministerpräsident of the state of Hessen), Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II etc but that did not improve on the pressure of the international community on Biya's regime. On the contrary, Biya cheerfully recieved the financing of the World Bank for the SAP 1997-2000. This suffices to show that whether SDF is in parliament or not makes little difference to the international community. So this silly sing-song of "being paid to colour this or that" is cheap rhetoric fanned by person who clearly do not master Cameroon's political history. On the other hand, a reasonable representation in parliament saves us all the wrath of having Biya at the helm for the next 14 years plus and maybe the grooming of his son to continue abusing our resources. The SDF intends to hamper this plan and the CPDM in its strategy, pays people to distract others from being watchful so that Biya can stay they in order for them to continue looting our nation. God forbid.
Rexon said "Then u will soon realise as time passes by that you are alone with fools in a state of transient, panicking flux with no one to look at for support." I harp on this statement for 2 reasons. First, Rexon addresses people he intends to convince as fools and secondly, contrary to the article above he outrightly challenges the efforts of the SDF to bring true democracy to Cameroon. People of Rexon' calibre who have much time to expend here on Post Online, would commit a political suicide when Ni John Fru Ndi retires from politics. Because day in day out, they are so infatuated with the man that one tends to think there may be some sorcery in the whole affair. They come here and announce the death of the SDF day after day , and when the SDF and its chairman act, everyone is taken by storm. Search the campaign trails from Ndop through Bafia , Yaounde , Kribi, through Douala up to Muyuka, Ekona and Kumba. Ni John Fru Ndi was glaringly the man of the day. Other parties hired buses and paid militants to attend hall meetings still failed to have an impact, but when the chairmen arrived his various destinations with just a convoy of 3 cars, circulation and business were brought to a standstill. In 1997, when people had cursed SDF , claiming its death, Fru Ndi did a contact tour of Cameroon within 6 weeks. A francophone journalist who had been all the while very hostile to the SDF boarded a taxi I was riding in Bamenda and kept on nodding. When the other passengers asked what was wrong he whined " Ndi don hold mami water rally for Banganté!" So do not take Cameroonians for fools. It is highly suspected that people like Rexon were paid by Biya's cohort to intoxicate SDF sympathisers to abstain from elections so that Biya would assume his absolute majority and be president for life. During that time of hardship when the masses would be suffering in Cameroon, people like Rexon, MK the southerner, M Nje would be living in affluence in western capitals, jump in here once in a while and vilify Ni John Fru Ndi in the strongest terms. Very few people in the diaspora have understood the game some of these people play. But know that while some may be fooled, SDF militants can't be. If you like you go and tell your master.
A bella Ngwa? You commented on S shadow cabinet as political buffonery. But you failed to understand the mission that was instilled in this machinery when the convention endorsed it. It was agreed that the head of the committees "shadow ministers" would constitute highly competent, gender and ethnically balanced team of 10. This team would be trained on the modalities, methods of intervention, functions and performance of the Shadow cabinet. The whole procedure was given a time frame of about 12 months.Now it is barely 12 months since the cabinet was drawn up. The persons involved were sworn in just 9 months ago; delayed because government and Ben Muna connived to hamper S activities. Since then , they have had at least 5 preparatory meetings with 2 training seminars. Their files have been constituted and the budget of Cameroon as attributed to their various portfolios well studied. Thus as from the 22nd of July, Cameroon should start reaping the fruits of this political enterprise. The way you expected S to do it was to assemble people who would nurse divergent ambitions and speak incoherently, so that your papers would profit from the confusion that would definitely arise. But events has proven the contrary and depicts a great deal of political expediency on the part of S. You also said "..Imagine what would happen, Mbella, if the vandals, even by dint of divine intervention, were allowed to steer the ship of state. Confusion would install itself and chaos." Ngwa, I wonder where you live. Who slaughtered John Kohtem in Balikumbat? Did S train the vandals that we used by the late Lamido of Rey Bouba to murder a UNDP parliamentarian? Did S institute the Mukete thugs who sought for a pro C kumba? Did S create the group of young overzealous blokes Francois Foning used to intimidate and beat up supporters of her intra-party rival Isaac Ngahane in Douala? Did S cause the violence in Mfoundi during C primaries? So you see, the list can go on and on; and only demonstrates one thing that even with state security at your disposal, you are clearly not guarantors of peace. If S was violent and the man in Ntarinkon as ambitious of some of your colleagues, the nation should have long been divided into 2 the way Guillaume Soro did in Cote D'Ivoire to be caterpaulted into government. Lastly you say "..banknotes this time around to bribe for votes.". You shall follow Ondo Ndong, latest when S ascends to power "even by divine intervention" as you put it. Be careful.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2007 on Dear Mbella, at Up Station Mountain Club
Rexon, The things Becky outlines are true to reality and depict the situation vividly. Osih survives in that reality through his talent of hard-work. The man is a very hard-working man, that is why he is strongly encouraged by the leadership of the SDF. The young man is not yet 40, still he is in charge of 2 reputable international companies in civil aviation, he is the Vice Chairman of the SDF, the present provincial Chairman of the SW, Board member of several NGOs, candidate for Parliament in Ndian etc. It is thus an example worth copying. One way of bettering the society and fighting corruption is simply by doubling efforts in genuine work. Osih is doing just that. Living the reality of what Becky Enonchong outlines but working up to 15 hours a day in that pungent heat in Douala to surpass or overcome it.
My friend Rexon, I thought we stopped this attitude of rampant proclamations and misdirected criticisms? The following statement is hollow "..It appears they dont have any agenda other than to continue colouring Mr Biya's democracy." From all indications,the SDF team in Douala I has been extremely hardworking. They have composed a team with a balanced mix of old and experience, with youthful and energetic; with a fair share to women. They have also organised seminars and conferences to ensure proper outreach to their electorate. They have modernised their campaign by running a website in French and english where everyone can query their activities and their vision for Douala. After visting the site and reading their objectives and intentions for their electorate, you can come back and involve yourself in constructive criticisms, which all of us would welcome.
so how do you "correct" the situation? Send a memo to your almighty President to grant us a truly Independent Electoral commission, so that we would not hear such flimsy excuses when you are flogged during elections by the electorate. Fight for an IEC.Now!!!
Fon Forbuzie ...he equally admonished his people to reciprocate by demonstrating in concrete terms to President Biya... Why don't you thank Biya for the air you breathe or for the blood that flows through you. When in the early 90s determined students and parents hijacked you to stand under the rains with them pressing for the GCE Board, your almighty Biya did not give a damn. The demonstrations continued and the GCE board eventually came by force. That should have been a lesson to you. People have learnt not to go on their knees to recieve what they are entitled to, what you CPDM people permanently refer to as "Biya's generosity"! So continue your sing-song to those of your calibre, for if you relent, Biya shall prohibit you from breathing the air you breathe.serious.
A bella Ngwa? You said "...We'll simply tell each DO, each SDO and each Governor, not forgetting the military, to give us a certain number of councils and parliamentary seats in their constituencies." Just dare and we will treat them as highway robbers.
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I could not believe my eyes when I read the following statement from a young Cameroonian "...Until i got out then did i know we are blessed not only with a wise,intelligent and well focused leader who is preparing the cameroonians to better survive in the highly competitive world." Maybe in you and Biya's highly competitive world, there is an obligation to have the lowest denominator of morals and efficiency. In your competitive world, absenteeism is strongly encouraged;prolonged vacations in foreign lands and uncontrolled use of national resources replaces hard work and efficiency. In the world your Biya prepared for you through mental evolution, the same speeches and rhetoric are reiterated annually, promises made till thy kingdom come.In the mental evolution Biya indoctrinated you with, electoral fraud, gerrymandering and political gangsterism in the CPDM is greeted with much glee. A man would acquire a certificate of non-conviction from Biya's ministry after being convicted for murder and the sentence widely publicized in official gazettes of the state. Still in that same system, lackluster administration, dilapidated infrastructure, negligent officials, inefficient and corrupt customs etc all contribute to make viable system which if it were another country "it could have been thrown into total chaos." So we see from this another attempt of deception that these CPDM permanently intend to inculcate. My friend Owona, spend your time in Ghana learning from them. Study their electoral system, visit custom posts in Temale, Kumassi and Accra; set-up a business and follow the administrative procedures at the whole length. It is when you would realise that the dream world Biya left you in, is light years behind thriving democratic African states.
Shalom, When we disagree with people who write ill about the SDF, it is not because they belong to this or that group, or have this or that ideology. Your contribution shows that you still do not understand how the SDF functions and you are grossly misinformed about the relation SDF and its MPs have with their constituency. Do not be fooled.The SDF, its Chairman and MPs have a very, very cordial relationship with the clergy. The fact that this relationship is not drummed to the press should not in any way be attributed to negligence. On the other hand, the public has been witness to this strong cooperation when Cardinal Tumi for example said service for the Chairman's late wife or for Hon. Paulinus Jua's mother. The PCC has on several ocassions publicly acknowledged philantropic gestures of the SDF's national executive and of recent, Prof Nti, the CBC Secretary outlined again the personal contributions of Ni John Fru Ndi to the Baptist Health services all over anglophone Cameroon. Again, many of us do not know that the Muslims in Bamenda normally feast their end of Ramadan in Ni John Fru Ndi's Ntarinkon residence. During this Barika d`salla, more than 2000 people led by their Imam flock into Ni John Fru Ndi's compound, slaughter their ram, roast it and feast with him, although he (NJFN) is not a moslem. This has been going on for more than a decade now. Again of recent, when Ni John Fru Ndi expressed his wish to organise a eucumenical service in his compound in memory of the Kenyan airway crash victims, one could still see the solid relationship between the clergy and the party. The PCC had more than 10 pastors represented,the Roman Catholic church 3, the CBC 3.So the statement "In our country, politicians only come to the constituents during elections." clearly does not hold here. It should be mentioned that in dealing with religion, SDF recognises the fact that the Church is everyone's house and that they have the right to their opinion at all times. That is why the SDF's message to the clergy is limited to congratulations and recommendation. So no impression should be given that any one of these individuals is riding on another to gain political fame at elections.
"...Yes when these brave soldiers risked their jobs and even their lives in 1992 and voted for Fru Ndi, what did he do with it but go and hide in a hole in Bamenda and declare himself President, when these brave soldiers were waiting to defend him in Yaounde." This sounds as if someone is seriously mixing up the SDF story. We shall always serve you with the truth even if you opt to deny it. In 1992, Fru Ndi's courage and steadfastness was confirmed again when the Union for Change used polling station results to declare their candidate victorious. The choice of Bamenda was simple. The safety and security was guaranteed by an extremely vigilant population. When they were doing that, other people who today still brandish as politicians ferried themselves and their families out of Cameroon, fearing the doom and abhorring Fru Ndi for inviting a civil strife. Fru Ndi stayed and the population backed him. General Pong was given instructions to lead a 12,000 mixed brigade to Bamenda to cart Fru Ndi into Kodengui or at least BMM; when he arrived Ntarinkon, he saw to his dismay that the place had been turned into a fortress by use of people power. During that period, Ni John Fru Ndi shared his house with 250 other persons: a multi-cultural and multilingual mix with one sole purpose : the advent of democracy to Cameroon. So if someone, maybe because of naivity and youthful glee descibes this as "hiding in a hole", then we still have much to do to explain the turning points in Cameroon's political history.