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John Davies
Austwick, North Yorkshire
Married to Diana. Priest in Charge of Clapham with Keasden and Austwick with Eldroth (Church of England)
Interests: Born in Walton Hospital, 1962. Raised in a house on the banks of the Mersey. Played football each break time for the entirety of my school life. Never much good at it but thoroughly addicted. Varied working life has included engineering apprenticeship, welder, draughtsman, volunteer in an outdoor pursuits centre, unemployed, civil servant, computer programmer, community worker, and now a Church of England vicar serving four parishes on the Lancs - Yorks border. Have previously lived in Waterloo, Llanbedr, Cardiff, Crosby, Toxteth, Cambridge, Wavertree, Norris Green, Croxteth Park, Lydford, Whitegate, and Queen Camel. Married to Diana since September 2009. Five (grown-up) stepchildren. Currently working hard on re-learning what it means to be human.
Recent Activity
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.160, 14 May 2023 Why are farmers in southern Malawi switching from maize to pigeon peas? The answer is simple. They are increasingly losing their livelihoods to droughts and floods. To adapt, they are turning to pigeon peas, a tough crop that’s better able to withstand... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.157, 23 April 2023 Everyday I think about dying, about plague, war, famine, global warming, the end of the world. It helps keep my mind off things. It made me happy when my selection of Roger McGough's verses were well-received, among the many excellent presentations, at... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter: No.156, 16 April 2023 Those who have died have never, never left The dead are not under the earth They are in the rustling trees They are in the groaning woods They are in the crying grass, They are in the moaning rocks The dead are not... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter: No.154, 2 April 2023 Jesus was no innocent victim, lest we forget. His crucifixion was the outcome of his dedicated mission to promote the values of the kingdom of God over and above the values of the Jewish religious establishment and the Roman Empire, which dominated his... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.153, 26 March 2023 Pippa Foulds, Couched and knotted. From Gillian Hazeldene, John Cage: Begin Anywhere. From Our Afternoon Fellowship is blessed to have gifted local people taking time and care to generously share their interests and crafts with us each month. This week... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.152, 19 March 2023 They come, they come; we may not always see their face, but this is their space. Their space to breathe, their space to be. They come, they come; in times of joy and times of sadness, shedding tears of grief and gladness.... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.150, 5 March 2023 Warsan Shire reads her poem 'Home'. The complete poem follows: Home By Warsan Shire no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark you only run for the border when you see the whole city running as well your... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.148, 19 February 2023 To mark Church Action on Poverty’s 40th anniversary in 2022, Dignity, Agency, Power, an anthology of stories, prayers, reflections and liturgy, was published by Wild Goose Publications (Click here for details of the book). Here is the Foreword to that book, by... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.146, 5 February 2023 During last Sunday’s exceptional Church in the Pub at The Lake House - my, how we sang! - one hymn particularly stood out for me. It was requested by John Casson, fondly remembered from his schooldays. Its words are all the more... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.144, 22 January 2023 I spent much of Tuesday this week on two Safeguarding courses: one with the diocese, the other with the county education department. Compulsory and time-consuming, yes, but far from just box-ticking: these were valuable reminders of the need to listen hard, and... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.141, 25 December 2022 / 1 January 2023 Would Mary and Joseph have wanted to go to Bethlehem that night? if you think about it, given Mary's vulnerable condition and their being among the struggling poor, it's unlikely that they would. The gospel makes it pretty... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter: No.140, 18 December 2022 Keasden's travelling crib arrived at Dovenantor last week (thanks, Ann Sheridan, for sharing this picture) and local households will continue to play host to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and their assorted animals until their return to St Matthew's Church on Thursday (22nd, 7.00pm)... Continue reading
Thank you Steve for this wonderful description of Andy Rowen's Prodigal Son moment, in all its beautiful grace.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2022 on ANDY ROWEN'S STORY at SOUL SURMISE
We're doing a series of collective worships in school on the theme of courage; and I've been searching around the bible for stories of courageous women. It struck me that as well as anger and angst there's some courage shown by the two women who came before King Solomon disputing... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter - No.130, 9 October 2022 Around here generous people are giving towards our local food banks (two examples being those who next Saturday will support the WI Coffee Morning at Austwick, and today will contribute to the offering at Clapham’s harvest social this weekend) and it’s valued... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter No.127, 18 September 2022 People often remark on how the death of a parent can be a psychological watershed. Suddenly there is a sense of being on the front line, without the generation ahead of you offering some sort of protection against mortality and drastic change. It... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 11 September 2022 The Leeds Diocesan Clergy Conference took place this week at Liverpool Hope University. This was the first gathering of all Leeds clergy in six years; we were accommodated in student rooms on the Hope Park Campus. Contributiors included The Archbishop of York Rt Revd... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 28 August 2022 I have been acting senselessly this week. "What, even more than usual?" you might ask. Yes, inasmuch as I've joined the many who have discovered that having Covid means losing all sense of smell and taste. These are two senses which I have undervalued... Continue reading
Clapham Village Newsletter, August / September 2022 I am writing this during a record heatwave. Which makes it likely, given our weather, that you’ll be reading this during a snowstorm. But the reality is unquenchable: whilst temperatures always fluctuate, overall, heat is steadily rising. Increasingly our weather maps show a... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 17 July 2022 God, Covid and the airlines all being willing, Diana and I shall be spending time with family in Japan over the coming weeks, and also by invitation speaking at Christ Church Ayashi-chuo, Sendai (with our daughter-in-law Naoko providing translation). As you may know, Naoko... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 23 January 2022 “You are precious in my sight, and honoured, and I love you,” says God to you and me, and all created beings (in Isaiah 43.4). In human society our understandings of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage are always shifting; and in our own society... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 13 March 2022 "In September 1938, events were moving to a crisis. Fear and apprehension prevailed throughout the country. War seemed imminent. News and conversations became concentrated on the single topic of the conflict in Europe: the press and simple wireless sets gave us no respite, no... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 27 March 2022 The letters page of The Guardian has been discussing prayer, writes Andrew Brown in this week's Church Times. "It started with a letter from the Revd Richard Bradshaw: “An elderly Christian lady I met recently said with some bitterness that she would not be... Continue reading
Churches Newsletter, 3 April 2022 How to teach peace to children...? At Austwick School, as doubtless all others, staff and parents are aware of the impact which the war in Ukraine is having on children. The staff are helping the children to understand events at an appropriate level that is... Continue reading
Churches Weekly Newsletter, 17 April 2022 ‘Resurrection is God’s response to darkness and chaos, to death and destruction, to the worst of what can happen. Resurrection occurs in our homes and on our way to work, in the brightness of Sunday dawn and in the darkness of Monday morn. Easter... Continue reading