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But the lap record is 1:21.688! Also by an Audi (Marco Werner, 2004). Let's see the RS7 beat the lap record, then count me impressed :)
Nick, I think one of your reduceds needs to be increased :)
>> I might short it now, if I weren't allergic to short selling. I like to sleep at night. << Nick, so why not buy put options? Then you can sleep knowing the maximum you can lose is what you paid for the options. Just a thought...
>> small modular NUCLEAR reactor << They left the N-word out deliberately, right?
Harvey D, maybe so. Meanwhile, Ceres (CERE) stock is up 15%+ today...
Harvey, price includes UK's VAT at 20%. So pre-tax it's more like $25.7k.
Just checked, China's mains voltage is 220V so need to install a separate 240V domestic supply (unlike the USA). Europe in general is also 220-240V with electrical equipment rated at 230V +/- 6%.
TCO = total cost of ownership
And who pays for the insurance? And for the clean-up if the company goes bust? Answer: you and I, the taxpayers; not the shareholders!!!
On eBay, this 1.44kWh battery works out at approx $508 per kWh. With FREE shipping! Link
Only 1000 gallons per acre? Check out Cool Planet's 4000 gallons per acre of drop in gasoline from Miscanthus. Biofuels Digest
Title: >>market to double by 2012<< Should be 2021?
Or, for less coin, a Hyundai I30 1.6 CRDi, 128hp, 62mpg (US), 100g/km, 10.9 seconds.
Hyundai's New i30 diesel due out next month has more horsepower (126 v. 118) and also has CO2 of 100 g/km.
Kelly, yes, but didn't Saudi Arabia just give up on desal-irrigated farming and is buying farming land in Africa instead?
Oops, a little more Googling reveals: Only 62 mpg and 99 g CO2/km? Try 74 mpg and 85 g CO2/km. (US gallons, EU combined cycle) Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi Ecodynamic. But only if a 98mph top speed is acceptable to you. Where does this leave CAFE 2025?
The Seat 1.2 diesel does 67 mpg (US gallons, EU combined cycle) and 92 g CO2/km. Max speed 108 mph. Where does this leave CAFE 2025?
Translation: 74 and 88 kW = 99 and 118 hp respectively. Or, approx 100hp per litre.
new 32 bit microcontroller Only 32-bit? PC's have had 64-bit chips available for a while now...
Why, in 2011, does it take California THREE MONTHS to process tax data? March data should be available Apr 1st, not end June...
Where the bleep is Porto Torres? Northern Sardinia, an island, part of Italy.
Nice stats Harvey. You may well be right, but a link would be nice? Thanks...
Yesterday I paid $9.09 per US gallon for diesel here at my local (UK) station. I know apples and oranges. Just saying...
ExDemo, you don't help your case by using phrases like 'Marxist eco-loons' and 'phony green leadership'. And as a (pinko-commie) European, thank you for sharing your air quality technology with us :)