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John Balzer
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I may have created some confusion here when I posted the link: What I was trying to convey is that as we will soon have to decide which casinos to allow in our city. The head of Genting, KT Kim, is a visionary and well know for his philanthropy. That would be the good bet for Miami. The head of the Sands, Sheldon Adelson is just the opposite. The ABC article speaks to that. When the gambling reform bill is passed, voters in Miami will need to discriminate which casinos will be built. It would be a shame if the bad press Adelson is getting ruined the opportunity Genting is offering our community
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There are good guys and bad guys in the casino business. I would invite readers to look at this ABC NEWS article and decide for themselves: id=15455918#.TyS9m4HozTo
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Jan 29, 2012