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John Berry
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I hope the new streaming service does not affect only dish network customers. I am ready for a new streaming competitor. Netflix is a movie watcher nightmare.
I thought the Starz contract was pretty much useless, and is going affect Netflix streaming capabilities in the near future. Netflix is starting to feel the pinch, and is going to start sinking soon if they don't find more contracts anytime soon.
Netflix will always win, but will always have the worst movie selection for streaming.
I'm keeping my streaming package for now. I just realized that the movie catalog has slowed down and I'm getting really tired of movie re-runs from netflix. I'm starting to look around and so far blockbuster and redbox is my next run around for great movie deals. If amazon increases their movie selections any time soon well then so long netflix and Hello Amazon.
I love my roku. I have basic internet speed which means nothing to roku, because I get top quality picture and sound from netflix to my roku player. I love roku so much I have 3. The channel option to view other channels what roku has to offer was a great idea. It would be awesome if roku had youtube or hulu for their next channel, but right now its all awesome. Thanks Roku :)
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Feb 3, 2010