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John Citron
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Congrats again Mike. I’m just dropping a note to let you know that someone has decide to pick up where you left off. I'm not sure exactly what your plans are for the next podcast and although you said it wouldn't be ancient of American history I suspect it will involve Europe. If you were to follow European history in the aftermath of the fall of the western empire it would be a great compliment to the Byzantium podcast and would give us all an amazing perspective of the history of the entire region. You and Mr. Robin could even collaborate as I’m sure he would welcome your advice. He seems to be a great fan of yours and talented in his own right. Good luck on your future endeavors.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2012 on Elliott William Duncan! at The History of Rome
Thank you for these GREAT podcasts! You made the history of Rome come to life for me! I also want to thank you for being the nexus for my own journey into the study of ancient history. You introduced me to Rome and then to Audible. Since then I've read and or listened to numerous books by such great writers as Herodotus, Livy, Homer, Caesar, Juvenal, Plato, Aristotle, etc.. Your vivid recounts of this time period has made me a lover of the classical world and broadened my mind in ways I can't begin to adequately explain. I look forward to your next project and wish you and the Mrs. good luck on the birth of your child. PS. I loved the joke about Livia possibly having killed off Leo II!
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Feb 24, 2012