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Jan 5, 2011
Martin, I stumbled across your blog and saw the plight of so many job seekers that I had to speak up. Surely, it seems like there are so many buttons to press, tweets to twit, digital vs paper, profiles to update and what have you. While I always encourage job seekers to do what feels right for them and to think outside the box, I always tell them to keep track of it all. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Should you find yourself still on the job search, say 4 months from now, you need to be able to answer basic questions about your job search to date. How many resumes have I sent out? How many jobs have I actually applied to? What changes in my resume have improved my response rate with recruiter/employers? This information will be very valuable to you as you review your progress, or share the details of your job search with a friend, counselor or career coach. Surely, whether your job search is digital or on paper you will be able to see the value of this information. ;-) There are loads of tools out there. Pick one that works for you and roll with it! Try, the "Resume Software" section on at, or simply Google "'job search' software" at With over 130 million hits, you should be able to find one that works for you. Good luck in your job search! :-) Sincerely, John P. Coffey, President JobTabs, LLC
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Jan 4, 2011