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John Deitch
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My queue has been randomly reshuffled a number of times in the past two months. At first I thought it had to do with Netflix combining seasons of Television programs. I have know idea now as to what they have done to themselves to screw up a great system. This is a complete pain in the ass. It wouldn't be as bad if I would continually have the option of "Recently Viewed" to choose from but that only shows up as an option of choice in the AM or the first time I fire up my Netflix streaming device/component (PS3). Some programing tard has deleted a code component that reshuffles due to this error in thought, foresight, knowledge or possibly arrogance and by the way you don't have to fix something that doesn't need fixing just to convince your boss your staying productive (Netflix Wanna Be Execs). Anyway, that's my rant. Get it Fixed. Please?
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May 25, 2011