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Interests: music, history, current events, sf
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You are reflecting on the market value of Free Advice. What is remarkable enough is that it was given and received. All bets are off after that point - as they should be. You cannot take ownership for other peoples' choices without risking arrogance - nor are we Gods.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2019 on Take It, or Leave It at AGE OF AUTISM
'Vaccine Hesitancy' is yet another nonsense and misleading phrase. People are not hesitating - but are rejecting facile assurances 'all is well', realizing they are without a sensible basis. Unprecedented reprogramming of immune systems coincide with unheard of immune disorders. Without comparison of outcomes - and presence of control groups - there is no impartial assessment at all.
" The US elected a negotiator, not a warmonger nor a fool." That is not always evident from outside the sandbox. Quora had several interesting discussion threads starting with the Huawei CFO's arrest in Canada. You will appreciate fraud is one thing, 'sanctions' over a matter in dispute with the EU quite another outside the US. Some relevant posts are noted at oldephartte/
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2019 on Open Thread 29 June 2019 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Given that I tend to think the US position on Iran has been bullshit from the get go, it takes real talent to make things even more dysfunctional. I agree - that has been accomplished. There is no plausible encouragement to 'modify behaviour' where pundits drive conclusions and actual action is ignored.
Im sure a mad Iran would not co-sponsor and support an arrangement that was designed to verify that it continued to avoid militarization of nuclear technology. Nor would it source fuel and technical support from neighbour Russia if idiocy were to occur later...alienating a supplier of a vital supply which had shown via the Cuban Missile Crisis that it was not to be trifled with in matters of nuclear threat. Is it not interesting that sanctions interfered with their ability to fund an independent auditor.
Environmentalism is something I can relate to when you are talking water supply and pollution. is an inspiring work. But humans 'knowing something' might mean they know different things than you do. After all, just because something seems wild doesn't mean it isn't so.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2014 on Notes On My 61st Birthday at Decline of the Empire
"Volcanic activity." Better they prepare for Louisiana style gas emitting sinkholes, perhaps, or seismic activity from hydrofracking. There is quite a bit of commentary on YouTube which seems invisible to most pundits.
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For a moment I thought Ezra was a 'bot...then I reread his note. :) "who really got the nudge " I see no reason why the assessment cannot be of a dual purpose proposition.
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It was interesting to surf through the roots of the word beneficiary, benefice,through serfdom and vassalage. Less pejorative ? I think not.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2014 on Nomenclature for Change at Missouri State of Mind
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" statute designed to empower patients to protect their privacy from others " One should consider this is an unproven assertion ! I hearken back to known incidents where heads of government departments were selected with an agenda to frustrate the work of government. ( This did not seem to apply equally to agencies feeding the endless maw of corporate greed with 'no bid' contracts. )
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ps As a person who has barely survived the use of broad spectrum antibiotics twice ( penicillin and tetracycline ) while knowing my digestive tract gets wrecked by E-mycin and clindamycin ( self medication with acidopholus helps, but does not correct the problem ) I am currently diabetic and having the very devil of a time with proliferation of gut flora ( and yes, I do consider I am a self made victim of sugar poisoning, likely with GM pesticide enhancements and corn starch perverting the problem : even though I cut drinking pop years ago...and won't go near 'diet' formulations )possibly as in a precursor to CFIDS. Yet my exposure is likely as nothing to yours. And yes, I smoked for decades.
"I would rather give John Prescott a French kiss " There ought to be some sort of citation for bravery for such a proposition. My brother gave me a walkabout in the jungle behind his place in Kangaroo Valley, N.S.W. back in 2000. I would have to agree with an assessment of ridiculous proliferation of things venomous : stinging nettles, stinging trees, bull ants, venomous snakes, etc. And wasn't that a laugh about the Commons having had enough warmongering for the day ? You would think nobody was serious about rewriting the map of oil bearing nations to suit the convenience of the energy companies.
My best day ever was 900 - up from an average of 300-400 depending on whether or not it was the weekend. That was on which did hit 1,618,000...and was shuttered by DCMA games. I almost lose track of the blogs - 2 years at - archived for TSA ( WTF ? I know not ) Years more at My Opera Community and shares at Care 2 and Current TV ( can't do that any more either ) And so many 'lost' who decided not to tempt the authorities further and wiped their blogs. Glad you didn't.'s tough to set up shop elsewhere. Keep this open as when and if you might be tempted to get up on the soapbox. It's just too hard to get that sort of exposure otherwise. Hiatus is not always addictive either.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2013 on DOTE Goes Off The Air at Decline of the Empire
Hello Not Hilzoy. While I`ve missed her and wouldn`t mind finding out how she is faring after going to Africa, a historian with an appetite for Asian cuisine is scarcely to be sniffed at. Given your choice of nom de plume I suspect your name is an acronym like mine - with yours taken from field experience. Your age reminds me of my first post as OldePhartteInTraining in 2005 which was responded to by exMI and ThreeScoreAndTenOrMore. I`m 65 and occasionally quip with nepmak2000 who is 68 ( and his acronym is obvious on arrival ) Your audience awaits. Have fun.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2013 on I AM NOT HILZOY (obviously) at Obsidian Wings
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Everybody seems to have run out of steam. You don't seem to have read the same reviews of the situation that I have, though one link hinting at alternative accounts did surface. False Flags, Fake Blood, and Michelle Obama: A Guide to the ...‎ Apr 23, 2013 – Forget everything you thought you knew about the Boston bombings. The real ... “There is clear evidence of false flag staging here,” he wrote. NH State Rep. Suggests Boston Bombing Was 'False Flag' Conspiracy‎ Apr 23, 2013 – A Republican state representative in New Hampshire posted a video by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Facebook last week suggesting the ... Back to Back C-span Callers: Boston Marathon Bombing a False ...‎ Apr 22, 2013 – This past weekend, CSpan received consecutive calls from people concerned that the Boston Marathon bombings were a false flag attack. FBI's Boston Bombing False Flag - A CLOSER LOOK! - YouTube ► 60:01► 60:01 Apr 25, 2013 NH State Rep. Claims Boston Marathon Bombings Were A 'False Flag'‎ Apr 24, 2013 – Republican New Hampshire State Rep. Stella Tremblay believes the United States government may have orchestrated the Boston Marathon ... Northerntruthseeker: Boston Marathon False Flag Attack: Proof That ...‎ Apr 23, 2013 – Boston Marathon False Flag Attack: Proof That "Craft" Security Firm Did The Bombing? I received an email from a friend just a few hours ago ... Boston Bombing: Anatomy of a False Flag - Mathaba.Net Apr 21, 2013 – False flags are an American tradition. They go way back. The Boston bombings appear the latest. More on that below. Notable earlier false ... Guess I'd never make a pundit. I prefer to research matters rather than idly speculate about what if'a.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on "we refused to be terrorized" at Obsidian Wings
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I have both notable articles and notable links which I feel compelled to leave as especially important.l When it finally becomes impossible to keep them up I batch the lot and put them up as a separate post on a page listed on my homepage. Mind, that's with articles. With sources - blogs and more - I co post at Delicious and Diigo, with Yahoo and Google Bookmarks waiting should failure occur. And Bookmarking gives one a topical index/tagfile. Not to mention the Community does the same - and have Searchable finds. BTW I am oldephartte on Diigo, opit on Delicious and currently
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BTW You should note that your blog is - as are many other good sites - subject to a warnoff by Web of Trust. I suggest you ask that rating be reviewed.
Climate do weather patterns. There is a lot of hogwash promoted about humanity's ability to predict and change the future. I had a proper collection of links at at a post on climate in contention which is currently unavailable. Even so, a look at the sidebar at and at should show there is a lot less to 'scientific consensus' than political pundits and the UN would have you believe.
The BBC is enjoying a scandal where 28 - mostly so-called environmentalists' - managed to spin coverage of the AGW scam. Now, my blog records are not available, but I have been following this story for 3 years now when I finally had a WTF moment about the supposition that man causes climate change. The merest awareness of the nature of scientific method will tell you prophecy is innately unscientific. So I found out what was happening - including people like Denis Rancourt losing positions for speaking out against fraud. Some intel : Why is this happening ? heh The United Nations : Corrupt, Ineffective, Dangerous In each case, the UN hoped to use the "global warming" scam as a ..... But here's the shocker: He will invite the United Nations to tax Americans directly. And the ...
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Aug 18, 2012
Dubya was 'for' nation building when it meant a clusterfuck. Check out the story of the Fallujah water treatment plant as a sample of progress. Or check out the police showers that electrocuted residents.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2012 on 'They Didn’t Build That' at Economist's View
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This is way late out the gate ... but I got the impression at the time that the Malik Hasan case might well be a frame up to stimulate the Islamofascist meme. The reason being in that case there were original reports of 2 or 3 shooters....and the site of embarkation to Afghanistan tended to have such incidents with some regularity.
Blue Girl Red State would have serious issues that Republicans dominate the ranks of serving officers - and she has reasons to be interested. And the premise of this post is blather from the get go. Yet there are factors affecting opinions of the enlisted which deserve to be aired/investigated. Religious indoctrination and political gamesmanship has gone so far as to include instructor time in training institutions - in Israel too - for known racists. But Islamophobia, religious intolerence, and profiling are all of a piece with the entrenched forces that produce the likes of Glenn Beck. One would not want trained killers to sympathize with their victims. The incidence of remorse and suicide is far too high as it is. Officers are people of superior intellect, even if naive before their blooding. They are likely to investigate dissenting views such as I contend Valerie Plame/Wilson was most likely outed because she would not go along with the Cheney gang's manufactured intel promoting a toothless old tiger as dangerous when the proof he was not was routinely verified by examining military related installations in the country embargoed against normal trade. Aluminum tubes for processing yellowcake into fertilizer are not that exotic a technology so as to fool anyone who cared for long. No. The military would have been aware of the thrust to destroy Iraq as a nation. All the rest was window dressing around that objective. But what might routinely be said to pundits could be quite different !
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I've posted Memorial Day and Remembrance Day - with less precision and enthusiam as time wears on. My father and uncles were veterans...who advised I not enter military service except as a response to invasion and 'for the duration of the emergency' when I had 3 years of cadet training. U.S. law supports that theory. Doug's Darkworld and Vagabond Scholar both have articles worth noting. A picture is worth a thousand words
Toggle Commented May 30, 2012 on Memorial Day and mourning at Obsidian Wings
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