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"do you want a base in Libya instead of a tame puppet." I don't think anyone here is seriously discussing either option, John. To whom are you addressing this question? Actually, Slartiblastfast, I mean the ubiquitous 'you' of foreign policy. I don't even mean 'US' foreign policy since it is dictated all through NATO/UK/Commonwealth, etc. to be harmonized. So to say that nobody is discussing that question is to evade the 'how do we leave' question again...when nobody should believe that will happen should the habit of force projection be done as reflex. If this isn't in the works, it was rather silly to promote destabilization of governments in the targeted areas of oil production by the same people who got Obama elected through internet marketing. Unless, of course, it was a total coincidence that everything fell to bits at once. The Citizens: Remaking the Map of the Middle East 1 Feb 2011 ... What is happening in Egypt today is going to remake the map of the Middle East. Until a couple weeks ago, American policymakers had a ... Remaking the Middle East - Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass, Director of Policy Planning in the US State Department, offers his road map to the entire Middle East region. ... › Iraq HOW THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST MAP CAME TO BE DRAWN The map of the Arab Middle East was drawn by the victorious Allies when they took over .... to be involved in the remaking (& remapping) of the Middle East. ... The U.S. Army is getting rid of its "pen and paper" and "string and stick" method of tracking fuel use in Afghanistan after nearly a decade of mismanagement, theft and fraud resulting in what is likely hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in lost fuel, some of which is sold on the black market and has ended up in Taliban hands.;jsessionid=BC47E43E607F4BBF29F884D0F5E2114A?diaryId=4657 So yeah,nobody is discussing U.S. military interventions since 1890 or BTW You likely know me - if you do - as Opit.
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Good jollies and all that. This back and forth really doesn't sound much different than the talk before invading Iraq. The real question is do you want a base in Libya instead of a tame puppet. Given that the ideas of the PNAC are evidently still in play - decapitating governments - I'd have to say the Facebook / Twitter destabilization projects are doing well. Big O is just being coy. UK/Mossad,etc. will go for the pound of flesh because of the oil. Causing scarcity for others is basic military doctrine. But why Europe should contribute to its own hamstringing party doesn't seem to have struck home.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2011 on Tell Me How This Ends at Obsidian Wings
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Mar 15, 2011