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Personally I'm on the fence on photos in restaurants. I don't get it, but I understand that others enjoy it. As long as it doesn't disturb my dining experience... go for it. But I do always enjoy getting insights from your commenters. Two attitudes/views I'll take away from these comments: Loved - "My mother always defined manners as acting in a way that makes people feel happy and comfortable around you." - What an amazingly succinct way to describe manners. I need to figure out how to incorporate this into how I view the world. Note that it does /not/ say "cater to every whiner or self-indulgent brat". Disliked - "Do I ask permission of the diners or staff to do so? Hell no. It's a public place." - You may be in public, but it's a private business. You pay to dine, not produce a documentary of your visit there. Others are there (and paying) to dine. The staff's job is to see that they have a positive /dining/ experience. They do have a right to control what you may and may not do. It seems like a bit of an entitlement attitude to feel you can do what you please simply because you're in a "public place". Shouldn't it be the other way around?
I'm going to join edward is taking (light hearted) exception to that comment. My taste ranges the entire spectrum, from white to red, delicate to bold, dry to sweet. This sounds like a very interesting, fun wine. So there! Harumph! :-P
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