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John Johnston
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Hi Derek, It has been a pleasure to follow your consolarium adventures, you certainly did some moving and shaking that vibrated through Scotland and beyond. Looking forward to read about the next stage.
Hi Derek, Is is perhaps that pupils just don't worry about failing, when they fail to do something in minecraft they jump to YouTube and fix it. If they didn't fail they would not know what they didn't know and would not learn new stuff. Personally I think I am in the zone when I am constantly making micro-fails that I can either correct myself with a bit of thought or with a quick google(perhaps it is age or the sphere of my learning put I'll take text of video any day). You are probably right in thinking that failure is not the best word here, failure implies a car crash rather than a flat tyre. Mind you my ventures into Minecraft have been fails, as I am never going to take the time to watch enough videos;)
A great pity for all the folk who find your posts inspiring & useful. I though about this again yesterday after reading: I wonder if it would be worth calling the folk who steal content from you out? A few examples may make it obvious what is going on and therefore less attractive for potential rewriters. cheers
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Jul 5, 2012