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Very greatful for this piece but I must confess that I would like you to write a book on this film. I feel there are depths that you would be well suited and more than capable of plumbing. Today I saw the film Lion, which was very moving and that Dev Patel sure is great, but I left thinking about well-crafted films, the kind where the cuts are correct and the performances on point and well-supported by the filmmakers. I'll probably never see the film again but I was moved and I'd recommend it, etc. But then there are those movies that engage with the form and the history of cinema, creating a tapestry that a film obsessive can luxuriate over. When you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?, to reference another film that I only recently discovered he didn't have a good time making which you would never know from the film itself. I know that aeathetically it's a good idea when you're telling a true story to ease up on the flourishes and make the overall strategy straightforward but I left Silence overwhelmed, a bell had been rung that well-crafted well-meaning well-made films can't reach. It's just weird to me, thinking about two very different films, one good and one excellent. I've seen some other good films recently too and I know that making even a competent film takes extraordinary effort so seeing a film like Silence is akin to actually seeing a ghost or an alien in real life. It's been, or at least felt like, a long time since I'd seen a new film that felt like a foundational document, a masterpiece sure why not. So yeah, basically I'm happy you're writing about it and hope for more but I won't be greedy and will appreciate this article. (That final trample VO from the icon/Rodrigues floored me, my god the tonal quality of it alone was phenomenal, ok I'm just rambling now)
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Jan 22, 2017