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"Should we increase community at the expense of being missional?" (the original question that is the title) sounds different to me than it appears to some earlier respondents. I would hear it like the 72 in Luke 10 telling Jesus, "Lord, we really need to improve our fellowship before we go out to those villages you are about to visit!" Are we listening to the Spirit when we respond in this way? I concur with the dislike for "plastic programs," that several have mentioned. But Jesus does involve those pairs in a strategic search for Persons of Peace--people who are open to the advance of the message of the kingdom. What if we heightened our awareness that God wants us to recognize such people and sow the seed (spiritual DNA) into those family/friendship units as ways to prepare for Jesus' coming to them? Why do we assume this is about bringing these people back into our existing groups? is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 8, 2011