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Your 1 line sentence to discredit me isn't even spelled accurately for starters. It would also help if you pointed out some of this Propaganda that you speak of, if you truely wish to be taken seriously. My previous statements are all based on reality. Whether or not you like the reality is clearly not important. Netflix is not going out of business anytime soon, nor is their competition doing anything better for the industry. When everyone finds a new topic to bitch about, we'll all be watching movies just like we were 3 months ago. I don't feel sorry for any of you. If you are on welfare and can't afford the price increase maybe you should sincerely take a look at what you are spending your money on. Maybe quit smoking? I'm done with this pathetic excuse for a debate. I'm sure glad all you cowards sold me your shares for so cheap. I'll be laughing in a couple months when I cash in.
Henry Ford said, 'If I listened to my customers we would all still be riding horses.' What is your Idea of Growth? Streaming has gained over 10 million customers in less than a year. Streaming is Netflix. DVD+Streaming customers are the minority Streaming only is the vast majority, with DVD only a close second in light of recent changes. The only reason there were so many DVD+Streaming in the past is because there was no option for DVD only. Netflix will continue to thrive after the media gets bored with their crucifixions. Investors outside the US will begin to play a major roll in global expansion and revenue from all countries combined will continue to fuel the content purchasing battle.
Again, you all fail to see the big picture. The DVD business is a thing of the past. It costs the company way too much and sees less and less profit everyday. @FrankR it is absolutely absurd to say that the DVD business is where Netflix makes it's money. Netflix has been doing DVDs for almost 15 years now, and the stock went up a measly 10 pts per year at BEST during the DVD only days. Post streaming, the stock tripled and even with it's current market price is HIGHER than the DVD-ONLY days. The best conspiracy theory I have heard so far is that Netflix is preparing to sell-off the Qwikster brand. Who knows? Maybe Carl Icahn will come in and take care of business like he did for Blockbuster. The reality is Netflix still has 97% of its subscriber base, no matter how much complaining you do. The Canadians aren't complaing, the Latin America customers aren't complaing. The % of Hybrid plan customers is not important enough to even look at anymore. The plain and simple truth is that Netflix needed to make this change. Customers were paying far too little for far too much. If you are truely naive enough to think there is a better deal out there then you are just in some form of spiteful denial. Feel free to go back to Cable. Feel free to pay more for a crappier library at Blockbuster, Feel free to rush back and forth between Redbox to avoid paying late fees. Netflix doesn't have contracts and will always be waiting for you when you restart your accounts. With Netflix you pay for convenience and a large volume of titles to choose from. At 7.99 for Streaming, the average person watches over 300 titles per month. Even if the content is B how on earth are you going to get that amount of entertainment out of redbox? Are you telling me that an A movie that is 2 hours long provides more entertainment in a 1 month period than 10 B movies? If you don't want to pay for the DVDs anymore, then stop paying for them. It's a dead technology! If you are okay with PPV for new releases, sure go with Blockbuster or Amazon. But that just goes to show how blind you truely are to the economics of these services. An absolutely unreal value has been converted to a more realistic good value. I wish people in America were more passionate about things that actually matter.. Like Oil prices and Healthcare reform.
Reality Check - Netflix lost less than 3% of their subscriber base in light of recent changes. This rounds out to just under 1 million selfish, entitled cry-babies they won't have to deal with anymore. Netflix just expanded to Latin America - 43 Countries to be exact. This expansion alone is enough to compensate for that in the long term. Ultimately if Latin America, or any other global expansion for that matter is successful enough, The US business will be all but a PR project to make the company look good to its remaining US investors. Between the state of the economy in the US, the overall trend of "hating on whatever is new in the media" and the fact that content companies are greedy and lack vision, I would not be surprised if the real revenue and share value comes from elsewhere in the future. Look at the big picture - How many people are there in THE REST OF THE WORLD. You'll be whining a lot more when they are enjoying all the good movies because you were too stubborn to stick with a company as it rolls with the punches. Take a few minutes to think about how everything else in your life is effecting you, and stop your whining about something as trivial and first world as your internet movies.
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Sep 21, 2011