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The electric drive of the pods is an alternative to a mechanical drive train. Almost all electricity is produced by IC generators. The whole setup is just more efficient.
Why wouldn't it be economically viable? Heavy duty diesel electric systems have been around for decades in train locomotives and ships. I do not understand why tractors are not exploiting the clean, instant torque of electric motors in shipyards.
By rigorously conforming to posted speed limits and avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking, autonomous vehicles should approach hypermiling efficiency.
what happened to "states rights' so dear to the right? Aren't you gentlemen usually whining about the federal government telling god fearing, gun owning, coal and oil burning citizens what to do?
why can't refineries be located at/near the source of this oil sand? Then conventional transportation technology could distribute this atmosphere poison.
"If we had abundant renewable electricity" We DO have abundant renewable electricity technology. We just do not have the storage and distribution of it worked out. Ocean based conversion systems work when the supply permits wind blows, sun shines, waves undulate and/or current travels.
read the article before you start typing. There is no mention of swapping.
One size does not fit all. If a driver does not need 70+ mile range for the great majority of his/her driving (which is most drivers), a BEV is a simpler, cheaper, more reliable alternative. A Volt is not a good vehicle to haul 5+ passengers or a ton of sand.
cross reference prior article: WHO IARC classifies diesel exhaust as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1)13 June 2012
"Clean diesel"...George Orwell would be proud! How about "slightly less filthy and carcinogenic than the crap we've been burning for a century."
Attaboy Harvey! This is the rational analysis we have come to expect.
HarveyD: Your comments are usually informing such as half of your above comment, ie. "quicker/cheaper ways must be found to put an end...". Unfortunately you then lapse into invective prattle reminiscent of Rush Limbaugh: " all those frivolous patent claims actively supported by a bunch of hungry lawyers." Attorneys litigating patents get paid for their time and advice by patent holders ... for both sides. The rules desperately need changing, not the players
HG, Please cite your authorities for your 5/29 bloviation. (rectal extraction does not qualify)
Does anyone else wonder what the oil industry is doing to help cellulosic biofuel producers? or do I dare inquire, what might be going on to hinder them?
Out of what hole did you pull the "one million bev in 10 years" come from? I, sadly, do not seem to be one of those who "knows the projections" I am, however, one who owns a BEV and uses it every day along with 4 other cars/trucks running on various carbon based fuels with 3 other family members. We fight over who gets to use the LEAF. Total cost per mile including depreciation, maintenance and fuel makes the LEAF a winner. As soon as the word gets around, ICE cars will be like steamers.
What is the Volt?
Eighty-five percent say the president and Congress should “take immediate actions to try to control the rising price of gas.” -Good Grief! How ignorant is the population? The price of gas is set by the world wide market. The US is currently a net exporter of gasoline. If the government was to interfere with the free market and forbid gasoline export, prices would tumble and the right wing would scream socialism!
If only the cost of this extravagance was not subsidized by the public at large through polution, taxes, wars, etc.
ejj, take it down a notch. blank accusations without attribution or any constructive content does not belong here.
Kelly, You are hurling your invective at the wrong target. Who/what do you think pays these allegedly dishonest lawyers? Are the lawyers who opposed these lawyers not paid? Since when is the practice of law less honest than any other profession? It is the law as written that is the corrupted. As long as there is short term profits to be made, there will be these environmental catastrophes. The law is written by politicians who are beholding to their donors for millions of dollars necessary under our current laws to be re-elected.
If utilities (who have the long term capital) own the batteries like they own the generators and rent the use of both like they already do the latter, suddenly Leafs cost similar to Versas, are more reliable and do not require Middle East wars to guaranty affordable energy.
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Jul 12, 2011