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John McLachlan
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hmmm. DVDs are usually logged after 1 day. DVDs I mailed 3 and 4 days ago just showed up at the exact same time late Monday afternoon....
I'm waiting for discs - I don't think they've been processing physical discs all week....
been down for a good hour at least...
I have to agree with SuperScuba. I used to post reviews. But now after watching a good movie I'll go to the movie page to find dozens if not hundreds of reviews, and I don't really feel inspired to add to that, so my personal reviewing days are pretty much over. The only thing I might review are the small indie films.
My list on gocomics has terrible email and has a lot of comics that weren't in my list. but I've found I can go on line and read the ones that don't show up (not happy about that, but it's a solution). I've been moving the ones I want to keep to my existing go list, and that's been working well enough (except for today of course, when I got no comics emails - new or old..). sigh
Half of my strips are neither in my email or on line :(
Well, first email from gocomics this morning - didn't include all my comics. some not in color. duplicates of some and missing others (has a title but no comic panel - as opposed to not being there at all) Let's hope they do a bit of a better job tomorrow. sigh. thanks to for continuing the emails for a bit so I can see all my comics.
I live at the 400 limit. Between series and recommendations and surfing for 'other movies this actor is in' you hit the limit pretty quick. Now if I could watch that fast :)
Not a fan. The add buttons on the far right look really out of place - back near the picture was nicer. kind if annoying the description is hidden when you watch the trailer. The whole page looks forced. weird description, but it looks like they were given blocks of information and just shuffled them around the page until they all fit. Speaking of fit - does anyone still have a 12 inch computer monitor at home? Why is the netflix page still in this skinny section in the middle of the screen? I have acres of extra real estate. If you have itunes, take a look at those movie pages. scalable to screen size. less important things are smaller. data jsut looks cleaner.
SO the DVD market is collapsing in favor of rentals and streaming - so they try to hinder rental and streaming and pretend sale of DVDs will stay high forever. Did these guys steal their gameplan from the CD industry??
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Jan 6, 2010