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That's great, Holly. I'm sorry I missed it. We saw Uncle Richie and Natalie yesterday (they send their love). If you get the chance, talk to Uncle Richie about his childhood memories. I was talking to him yesterday and he told me about his grandfather's wake. Great grandfather (James) O'Neill was laid out to rest in the second story bedroom. Since they didn't have air conditioning, the family put ice in the room to keep the body from decomposing. When Grandpa O'Neill (John) took Uncle Richie up to see the body, he reached under the bed, where the ice was kept, and pulled out a beer. Apparently the family thought it was a shame to waste the ice and decided to store the beer for the wake there. Later that night, Great Grandma O'Neill slipped on a spilled beer while dancing at the wake and broke her arm. So, so stereotypically Irish.
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Dec 28, 2010