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Great idea, let's regress to the middle ages in our basic respect for human dignity. As John McCain pointed out the other day, we prosecuted Japanese war criminals and gave them harsh sentences for waterboarding post WW II. You can have the Rule of Law or you can have torture. Take your pick. They just aren't compatible. When we torture, America's reputation suffers terribly. Are you familiar with the viewpoint of Malcolm Nance? He's a veteran and an expert on waterboarding. He says torture doesn't work. He says we ignore the lessons of history: Here's Mr. Nance's bio: What about the torturers? What do we do with them? Do you want one moving in next door to you, after they've spent years torturing people? I don't.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2007 on CIA Interrogation Tapes: Methods at Cobb
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