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Stoked on the DeRosa signing! At the very worst, awesome, versatile utility man, hopefully for years to come. All championship teams have guys who can come off the bench and make an imput - it's been a long time since I felt ours was a championship lineup... In the meantime, he's a productive starter and a positive presence in the locker room. He also pretty squarely fills the 5-spot in the order. Now we need the 3. All the outfield options seem pretty grim at the moment (excepting, of course, Mr. Holliday). I'd really like to see the Giants make a push for Beltre. As we improve our hitting (primarily in terms of smart-hitting, not big power as everyone keeps calling for), we need to constantly be aware of how any pickup will impact our defense. Pitching is our strength. This is what our team is built around, and we've got a hell of a core! Last year our 5th starter pitched a perfect-game! nearly... But for Pablo's error... Bring us some pop with a glove! No one out there better fits this mold than Adrian Beltre! Among the best defensive-third baseman in the game, but also with strong, consistent numbers at the plate. Plus, I think he's primed for an offensive resurgence back in the NL - particularly the West, and especially playing for the greatest rival of his salad-day team within that division! Bring us Beltre, a catcher who can call a game who isn't a total schlubb with the bat, and a late-reliever (Scott Eyre!!!) We'll bring the champagne. 1. Aaron Rowand, CF 2. Freddy Sanchez, 2B 3. Adrian Beltre, 3B 4. Pablo Sandoval, 1B 5. Mark DeRosa, LF 6. Nate Shierholtz, RF 7. Edgar Renteria, SS 8. A catcher, C SP, Lincecum, Cain, Zito, Sanchez, Bumgarner RP. Affeldt, Eyre, Medders, Runzler, Martinez/Joaquin/Miller, et al CP. Wilson Done. We build on that. Zito, Rowand, Renteria, Bonds, and Benitez are all coming off the books in the next couple of years. The stadium should be paid off by then as well. Our youth's potential will be a lot clearer. Our pitching staff will be seasoned and ready to Win (with the capital 'W'). We'll have been to the playoffs for three-straight years, and we'll have the cash, pedigree, attraction, and wherewithal to bring in whoever we might want to complete the championship squad. Get us there, Sabean. We all deserve it. Maybe you most of all... Prove it!
God, I don't want Uggla unless he's free! Fred Lewis for Uggla, and I'm in - otherwise, I pray this is all just posturing to bring Boras down on Beltre. We do need some pop - no doubt, but what we're really lacking is quality at-bats and solid defense. Uggla is not our man. My holiday wish-list is as follows: Adrian Beltre Scott Eyre Juan Uribe Mark DeRosa Marlon Byrd Torrealba/Ausmas/Barajas Nick Johnson Adam LaRoche I think Beltre is an absolute dream of a fit - stellar defense in the hot corner to protect our one clear asset - our pitching - while bringing an, at-worst, mid-level bat (.280 BA, .380 OBP, 20 HR, 80 RBI) with a strong likelihood of reinvigorating itself against his salad-day team, the Dodgers, in the NL West. Scott Eyre, too. The bullpen was about one piece away from being strong last year (Bob Howry), and another lefty seemed necessary to spell Afffeldt and give us options. Looks like Runzler's coming on strong, but Eyre's 1.38 ERA (or whatever is was), and veteran, championship-tempered mentality would go a long, long way behind our aces. We need a corner outfielder with solid defense, an arm, and hopefully a little pop. I like the idea of DeRosa in left (short of Holliday or Bay, of course). He would give us all we're looking for in the position while providing us myriad options via his prolific flexibility. I also see him as the sort of long-term utility-man we always seem to lack. Speaking of which: Juan Uribe needs to be resigned! The ideal gap-filler for the Giants, bringing positional-flexibility, a big bat, and heart to every game. I hope they give him 3-yrs. on the cheap (>3M). We need a veteran, 1-yr., value catcher. It kind of doesn't matter which one - none of them are going to produce much, and they're just keeping Buster's plate warm for him while, hopefully, teaching him a thing or two about calling a game. I like all three guys listed above - who's the cheapest? Overall, we just need to brush-in the edges of this team. We don't need much more than a couple of smart hitters, a defensive-lift, and a little time for the youngin's to come into their own. The key is to accomplish this without borrowing from our future, whether that be (god forbid!) trading away our farm, or by committing a disproportionate mount of cash to players now who are simply not The Answers. Here's my lineup for next year: 1. Rowand, CF 2. Sanchez, 2B 3. Beltre, 3B 4. Sandoval, 1B 5. DeRosa, LF 6. Renteria, SS 7. Shierholtz, RF 8. Torrealba, C SP. Lincecum, Cain, Zito, Sanchez, Bumgarner/Marquis RP. Affeldt, Eyre, Medders, Runzler, Miller/Joaquin CP. Brian Wilson On the bench: Uribe, Bowker, Ishikawa, Whiteside/Posey, Velez, Burriss, and Frandsen (Fred Lewis, if necessary...) That's a winning-lineup we can build off. Make it so.
That last one's s'posedta say 'corner (outfielder)' - my bad... Holliday/Bay/Byrd/Nady/Damon
There's a reason Colorado doesn't want Garrett Atkins; he's trending-down to a .220avg/.300obp/.600ops line in Coors Field. He had one good year, and '06 just keeps getting farther away. He's a slightly above-average defender who strikes out twice as much as he walks. Keep him away from my Giants! I really want Beltre! We need power, we need hard-outs, yes. But we also need to improve our defense dramatically - especially with Renteria muffing 20 balls a year in the gap. If not Beltre, a one-year, tide-year, tide-us-over deal for a corner who gets on base and drives in runs (DeRosa, Johnson, LaRoche, etc.) Corner-outfield market's getting pretty slim, there, Sabean... You wanna - y'know - DO something please!?!! Beltre, Eyre, Uribe, 1-yr. catcher, and a corner infielder. Get'm boys!
The lineup without Bay/Holliday: 1. Rowand, CF 2. Sanchez, 2B 3. Beltre, 3B 4. Sandoval, 1B 5. Renteria, SS 6, Bowker, LF 7. Shierholtz, RF 8. Posey/Whiteside, C And, reaching just a smidge further: 1. Rowand, CF 2. Sanchez, 2B 3. Byrd/Cameron, LF 4. Sandoval, 1B 5. Beltre, 3B 6. Ausmas/Barajas/Torrealba, C 7. Shierholtz, RF 8. Renteria, SS
Oh, and - hopefully - a 1-yr. productive, preferably veteran, coaching catcher. Barajas/Ausmas/Torrealba/etc.
Frankly, despite my little pipe dream earlier, I don't care if we get a heavy-hitter like Holliday or Bay - in fact, I'd really rather we didn't spend anything beyond an absolute steal this offseason; I just don't see anyone being worth what they're asking at the higher rungs. A win for me this year would be retaining (on a reasonable, multi-year deal - say, 3-yr., 2M-per, max) Juan Uribe as a utility, gap-player, Scott Eyre as a short-term (1-2-yr.) shut-down, lefty reliever, and Adrian Beltre, who's spectacular defense is exactly what we need to maximize the potential of our ridiculous pitching staff and whose bat is primed for a comeback in the NL West, particularly with the nemesis of his former salad-day team. Uribe, Eyre, and Beltre - entirely reasonable, no reason to overinvest, and all the return we need to push us deep into the postseason as we await more lucrative free-agent classes and more flexible spending-years.
My Giants are gonna sneak in there and steal 'em all, Baby! 1. Aaron Rowand, CF 2. Freddy Sanchez, 2B 3. Matt Holliday, LF 4. Pablo Sandoval, 1B 5. Adrian Beltre, 3B 6. Edgar Renteria, SS 7. Nate Shierholtz, RF 8. Ausmas/Barajas/Torrealba, C SP. Lincecum, Cain, Zito, Sanchez, Marquis/Bumgarner RP. Jeremy Affeldt, Scott Eyre, Brandon Medders, Dan Runzler, Justin Miller/Waldis Joaquin Giants will destroy the world!!! CP. Brian Wilson
Although, my more unreasonable suggestion would be to hop on the Detroit fire-sale! Pick up Miguel Cabrera AND Curtis Granderson for Aaron Rowand, Travis Ishikawa/John Bowker, Johnathan Sanchez, and cash. I am fully aware of how unlikely this is - just a nice little wet dream. Top it off with a Marlon Byrd signing, just for fun, and why not? 1. Marlon Byrd, LF 2. Freddy Sanchez, 2B 3. Curtis Granderson, CF 4. Pablo Sandoval, 3B 5. Miguel Cabrera, 1B 6. Buster Posey, C 7. Nate Shierholtz, RF 8. Edgar Renteria, SS A very special sort of pipe dream...
1. Aaron Rowand/Eugenio Velez, CF 2. Freddy Sanchez/Kevin Frandsen, 2B 3. Xavier Nady/Nate Shierholtz, RF 4. Pablo Sandoval/Travis Ishikawa, 1B 5. Adrian Beltre/Juan Uribe, 3B 6. Marlon Byrd/John Bowker, LF 7. Ivan Rodriguez/Buster Posey, C 8. Edgar Renteria/Emmanuel Burriss, SS SP: Tim Lincecum/Matt Cain/Brad Penny/Barry Zito/Jonathan Sanchez RP: Jeremy Affeldt, Brandon Medders, Sergio Romo, Dan Runzler, Scott Eyre CP: Brian Wilson I think all the hullabaloo surrounding the Giants' needs is a bit overblown. Even with an absolutely miserable offense last lear, we were in the mix 'til the end, and we just blew it. It could've been one of those stories where 'they put it together at the end' - it wasn't, but that's how far we were from the playoffs, not very. The general consensus is that we need one corner outfielder, one corner infielder, a backup catcher, a starter, and maybe a lefty reliever. Bay and Holliday are not even options, and I'm not terribly disappointed by that. I don't think either is really worth what both are about to get in a shallow FA year. Beyond them, there really isn't an 'Answer' kinda guy, but I think there are a couple impact players attainable for short-term, mid-range money - which is, I believe, precisely what we need. Anyway, it's certainly what Sabean seems to be targeting, one way or another. Nady would be a nice pick-up if he came cheap and short-term. His peak is behind him and his health is a factor, but he strikes me as a good clubhouse guy, solid defender, and he produces to an extent. Both he and Byrd can be counted on for .280, maybe 13 HR, 70 RBI, .335 OBP, and .400 SLG. I'm not sure how Nady would do in left, or if can even slide over. I guess if he came on, he'd play right with Bowker in left. Wood seems a bit lighter on the intangibles, but is coming off a pretty good power year (20 HR), still has some speed, and is a more natural fit in left, plus his natural position in center fits well with Bochy's propensity to rotate everyone around and play with the lineup. Also, with him in left, right field would be left open for up-and-coming Nate Shierholtz, who’s offense is improving, but who’s defensive prowess and howitzer-arm are show-stoppers. Beltre hasn't produced in Seattle like he did in LA, and has battled some health concerns, to boot. But his defense is still spectacular, he can still hit, and I wonder what a return to the NL (and, particularly, the NL West) would do for him. Statistically, I think he can be counted on to hover near .300, hit 20-25 HR, maybe 75 RBI, with a .300 OBP, and .400 SLG, but, again, I wouldn't be surprised to see him climb back up to some of his former numbers back in the NL West, playing for the greatest rival of the team he played his glory years for. Include his superior defense and - at the right price - I see it as an ideal fit. Chone Figgans would also be a strong addition, with solid defense and a huge OBP. Plus, he could lead-off, filling a gap no one on the current roster has had much success at. Another idea would be Pedro Feliz, a former Giant farm success-story. Resigning Uribe just seems like a must. He carried this team on his back for the second-half last year. He can play so many roles, and was the only consistent Giant in the clutch – even Big Panda broke down late in games when it counted at the end of the season. Uribe is the ultimate ‘utility’ player. Bring him back on a low-rent, multi-year deal to fill holes, provide insurance to injury, and pinch-hit. The catcher I see as of a lower importance. The hope is for Buster to be ready midway through the season, though it's clear he needs to put in some work between now and then. I think the m.o. here has got to be price. We need someone to come in for $1-1.5M and be gone in a year. Really, Pudge seems like the perfect fit, but I hear the Giants are talking to Yorvit Torrealba. Bringing Yorvit back would be great if he came on the terms stated above, but I can't imagine why he would. The fact that the Giants are interested makes me wonder whether or not they really think Posey will be ready this year, or even in the next two. I imagine YT is asking 2+-yrs. at $6M, at least. Colorado just offered him 2 at $5.5 and he turned them down. If he could be got for cheap, it would be worth it. Solid catcher, batted close to .300 last year, with a decent OBP. Frankly, I would prefer Pudge or Gregg Zaun for a year, but if there's one area I trust Giant brass in, it's the farm, and if Posey needs two more years, Yorvit's our best bet in the meantime. Brad Penny needs to come back. I think coming to the anti-Dodgers clearly did so much to rejuvenate him, and I'd love nothing more than to see him make them eat crow in orange and black for the next two-years! I see him having Jason Schmidt-like heart, he's got great stuff, fits well on the club, and I think he provides a completely different look than the rest of our staff - sort of like Randy Johnson might've, had age not won. Imagine how devastating an entire-year of 1-2-3, Lincecum-Cain-Penny could be! Left-handed relief is probably the biggest luxury on the list, particularly with Dan Runzler looking pretty good at the end of last year. Still, I think our bullpen - beyond Affeldt, Medders, and Wilson - really let us down at times. I'd like to see one more dominant middle-inning-guy brought-in, and another lefty alongside Runzler would cause teams nightmares. If Scott Eyre doesn't retire, and he could be enticed away from the repeat-NL champs, let's bring him home! 1.50 ERA, 1.27 WHIP - done! With Eyre, we'd have - arguably - the most complete staff in the majors, top-to-bottom. I think this lineup would contend for the division and well beyond. It's well chronicled, how scary our pitching would be in a seven-game series. A little boost to the bats and watch-out, World! And we don't overinvest in a market that's frankly not worth doing so in. In a couple of years, we'll have much more idea about where our young talent stands, have a ton money to throw around, and a meatier market to work within. This team lets us compete at a very real level in the meantime. Make it so!
I don't want to Uggla or Johnson anywhere near a Giants uniform unless they're playing for free. I can understand Sabean's staying away from Bay and Holliday, both due to the likelihood of their using us as a bargaining ploy with the Red Sox, et al, and also because both are overvalued in a slim FA year. Neither is worth the money they're about to get. I think Sabean could've worded his statement a bit better... I think the wins this year are gonna come off trades with economic, 2011-minded teams looking to unload arbitration-impendent players. I like Brian Hawpe a lot, in Colorado. I think we realistically only need a little boost in to be competative this year. I think it's reasonable to put hopes on Juan Uribe continuing his late-season resurgence, and he should be available for cheap as a short-term starter, maybe long-term utility-man down the road. Panda's progression seems inevitable - he's only begun to tap into his potential. Obviously he needs a threat behind him to protect him. This is clearly our biggest need, and - at some point - we're going to need a superstar in that role. I'm okay with waiting for the right one. Beyond that, we need a #5 starter, one-year catcher, and some left-handed relief. Brad Penny looked really good with us last year, and I hope we can retain him another year, and Dan Runzler is an up-and-comer. Would like to see them go after a proven, middle-reliever, though. Here's my (adjusted to reality) ideal 2010 lineup: 1. Aaron Rowand/Eugenio Velez, CF 2. Freddy Sanchez, 2B 3. Brian Hawpe, RF 4. Pablo Sandoval, 1B 5. Adrian Beltre/Juan Uribe, 3B 6. John Bowker/Marlon Byrd, LF 7. Yorvit Torrealba or Pudge/Buster, C 8. Edgar Renteria, SS SP. Lincecum, Cain, Penny, Zito, Sanchez RP. Medders, Affeldt, Howry, B. Wagner CP. Wilson
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